Saturday, April 29, 2006

Friday Night Fun....

Or not so much.... Sam and I spent the evening at the childrens hospital, eating popsicals, getting bloodwork, x-rays, urine samples etc. The poor kid woke up with a fever on thursday night, complaining of a sore mouth, and a sore leg. He often gets leg pain in the night so I didn't think much of it. I tylenoled him and he went back to sleep. When he woke again, he was still complaining of all the same things. He was walking with a limp, wimpering as he went, and hardly ate any breakfast. Trying to climb the stairs was very painful for him, reducing him to tears. He climbed up in my bed to watch TV, and I left him there to rest. A friend stopped by, and we walked around the garden. As she was leaving, I could hear him screaming from inside. He was trying to come down the stairs and the pain was too much for him. I carried him down, gave him a wee bit of soup and crackers, then settled him on the sofa where he slept until after five. I watched him wake up, and as he did so he was holding his leg up in the air, looking at it, trying to stretch it out. I helped him off the couch and the tears started again.
Again he screamed on the stairs so I carried him up, and he helped me put a pizza together for the others. Hud brought the van home so I could take him in to emerg, Tracey next door took the other two, and I took Hud back to work. Half way to the hospital he started sobbing, the pain getting the better of him again. He cried the rest of the way there and the whole time we were in triage and still while we were registering. After a two hour wait we got taken in where he had to walk, and pee and get pulled and prodded. He did really well, and loved the fact that Claire's friends mommy was the X-ray tech. Many stickers later we were on to blood work, and finger puppets. X-rays were fine, blood work is not quite normal, but seems to be in keeping with a virus. We have to go back today as they want to look at him again. So....we are both exhausted as midnight is way past either of our bed-times, Sam is still sleeping but I am up as a neighbor ordered a cake for her son's first communion and I have not yet started that process. Who knows how long we will be there this afternoon. Hopefully he will be on the mend and if not, they will be able to figure out why his leg is causing him so much pain.

~ update ~ We are home with a diagnosis.....the doctor that saw him yesturday was quick to tell us that he was her last patient, so I was sure we would be rushed. Sam was sleeping by the time she got to us, and so she did her exam while he slept. She flung him all over the bed , swinging him by his feet and he didn't wake up. He flinched when she flexed his laft leg out, but didn't cry. When I told her that he couldn't stand on the left leg, she proceeded to lift him up, whip his right leg out from under him, and let him fall to the bed. She said that if he were in pain he would have woken up. Fair enough I thought. She has diagnosed him with transient synovitis, which is sudden pain in the hip. Transient because it comes and then goes. Apparently it is the most common cause of sudden hip pain in kids ages 3-10. Anyhoo....they don't really know what causes it other than they think it is either caused by a virus which of course you would have with a cold, or an allergic reaction to an infection in the body. We are going with the former. He is much better today, going up and down stairs and walking with only a slight side shift in his gait. His fever is lower but we are taking it easy today, just laying low.

Monday, April 24, 2006

This and that.....

Well, we enjoyed a fabulous weekend weather wise. I have darkened my arms, burnt my face and gotten alot dirtier. While Hud was home he took out the staircase in the backyard to move it farther back. I of course thought it should be a simple job, not taking into account the rocks etc he would encounter as he started to dig. The backyard is now a huge pile of mud thanks to the help the kids offered. Anyhoo... the stairs are now where I wanted them, the dirt mostly back in place, and the rain is pouring. When the weather gets nice, I shall plant more grass and get even busier in the gardens.

Claire lost her first tooth the other day, she was ecstatic, Sam indifferent, and Daniel peeved that the tooth fairy now pays more.

It's sooo cold and yucky out, I'm tired, Hud is out at floor hockey, so I'm thinking I'm going to hit the tub for a hot bath. I might even put on my cozy new jammies and climb in bed with a good book.....and pretend that I can stay awake.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good times.....

It's early...not as early as it was when I got up, but still early. The kids and I are heading to the theater to see CBC for kids. Clifford and Lunar Jim will be there along with one of the hosts, Mark. Sam and Claire are excited, Daniel is going under duress! Hud is away, with the car, so we are busing it. To get there in time for the 9:00 show, we need to take the 7:50 bus. Nasty!!!

On a brighter note, today is brighter. Full sun, not a cloud in the sky, and temps supposed to hit 12, tomorrow promising to be even better with highs of 18. Gardens here I come, look out weeds!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Can I think of thirteen?

Last week I couldn't think of thirteen things to say so on Friday I posted thirteen pics of things in my garden. Not much has changed there as the weather turned cold again.

I have big plans for the garden this year...although not sure I can fulfill all of my desires in one season. Thanks to Better Safe then Sorry, I have found a new blog that I am really enjoying. So inspiring, and enjoyable to read. Go pay a visit to Karen's Garden.

My mountain of laundry is growning, not shrinking as I'm quite sure it should be.

I have physio again tonight. I got in trouble last week as I was apparently doing my exercises wrong. I'm not so smart it would seem.

I purchased the tickets for Evita. We got some of the best seats, although my friend argues that the balcony is no good. I like it because I am short and this way I know I'll be able to see...

For once I know what I am making for supper in the morning. The pork loin is out thawing and I will soon put it in the maple maranade. Mashed potaoes and some sort of veggie and I'll call it supper.

Claire's tooth is so close to coming out. I'm not sure how she can stand it seeing as it is now just sitting sideways.

Hud is busy all weekend, away friday night, and all day saturday, home for a few minutes then gone again. I discovered last night that he is also going with the van. Nice!!! At least the weather is supposed to be good. We can spend the time outside.

Karen is coming to town at some point soon to help me in the hunt for the perfect bathing suit for my not so perfect body. Nasty job, glad she's up for the challenge.

I have learned that Sam will climb any obstacle to get at easter chocolate. He is so his mothers son. However, I can at least reach the top of the fridge. He needs a stool, and a big arm stretch. I'm not so sure it's safe to even take a shower. That gives him too long alone.

I shaved my legs today. The rash on my leg has receded enough that I'm no longer afraid of hurting myself. I feel much better for doing so.

If I get rashes like that all summer, I'm going to be mighty hitonious(to use a Jamie Dawn word) looking....

I think I'm going to bake some bread. French bread maybe. I can smell it now.....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We woke up this morning to falling slush!!! After all of our nice weather, we are back to low temps. Here we are sitting at 2 degrees, watching what should be rain, named by some maritimer as snizzle. Either way, we want our nice weather back!

~ it's now actually snowing! I walked Sam into pre-school and the teachers couldn't believe that my hair was full of the stuff. great day to hunker down inside...~

Monday, April 17, 2006

Daniel found an interesting way to keep the hoop going. He found that by head banging, the hoop stayed up!!!

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Craig proved to be the entertainment for the evening on Sunday. Who knew my brother could move like that!

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Easter Sunday....

We enjoyed a VERY busy easter weekend, filled with wedding showers and birthday parties, and church breakfast, and lunch with family then dinner here with my brother. The kids had a blast with Craig looking for eggs and the like, and we had fun playing a couple of new games. We stuffed ourselves, and discovered that Daniel and Craig are hoola hoop masters! I'll try and get a clip up soon.....
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Monday, April 10, 2006


BBQ season is here again! Pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes and corn....I am in heaven, and Claire actually ate!


It was announced at church yesturday that someones mother had passed away. On going to visit the family the pastor found that she was indeed alive! She is elderly and near death apparently, BUT, for now....she is still with us!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's that time again.....

Time for the sugar fest! Nanny came over on Saturday afternoon to decorate eggs. Claire managed to do four in the time Nanny and I did one each. We then ate Nanny's egg. They taste just like Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs. If you want the recipe, go to The Walsh Family link on my sidebar, and I think it's in the first month of her archives. It was a great afternoon of fun!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4:41 on a wednesday....

Sam is passed out on the couch. That of couse means that the night will be a late one. This seems to happen on pre-school days. He is tired from all of the stimulation, then he plays hard outside in the fresh air, and as soon as he comes in he needs to find a place to rest his head.

The others are all at the dentist, so I packed them some supper for when they are done as Daniel's appt is not 'til 5:20.

I guess I'll just have a bowl of soup for supper.

Do you ever feel lonely when surrounded by people? Strange how that is. It's even worse when I have not seen someone for ages, get to spend a few minutes with them, then can't get them out of my head for days. that's how I'm feeling right now!

I gave my back yard neighbor Claire's old bike. Hardly ever used but she has outgrown it. I wanted nothing for it as she had received a beautiful new one for her last birthday. Of course she won't ride that either. Anyway, the neighbor brought over the most beautiful little bird bath/feeder as a thank you. I was blown away.

Michael's art and craft store has their grand opening here tomorrow. I plan to get out and get some good deals.

Someone placed three cake orders today for the next couple of weeks. Not sure my hands will be up for it, but we will give it a go.

Evita opens here at Neptune on the 18th. Can't wait to go see it. Hud is not into musicals so I'm going to go with my brother. He loves live theatre as much as I do.

I am hosting a baby shower here on Sunday afternoon. It's an open invitation, so I have no idea how many people will show up. I have a menu sort of planned but I'm hoping it will be enough food. I guess I'll pick up some extras from m&m's just in case.

Well that's my mind on this wednesday afternoon......

Monday, April 03, 2006

We're back.....

After a fabulous weekend away, we are back, energized, bonded and a little bit more familiar with each others lives. The conference actually ended up being rather small, but we all learned alot and came home with some fresh ideas, and a new enthusiasm.

On Friday night we got to Houlton in time to check in and drive around looking for a chinese restaurant. We ordered food as we would here, and were shocked at how much they brought us. We were embarrassed by how much we left behind. We went back to our rooms and hung out talking for the rest of the night, none of us sleeping all that well, learning more about our husbands and each others lives than you can imagine.

Saturday stared for us at 4:45 as all three of us in our room were awake. We showered in turn, and Kylie and I ran off to Tim's to get coffee for everyone. We then went to the conference where we spent the day. Once that was over, we went to Walmart, each loading up on things we don't have in Canada like Toll House chocolate chips. I have cookies in the oven now much to the delight of my family.

When we were done our shopping we came back across the border, and hunkered down at the cottages of the Holiday Inn. We had a great evening of facials, and the like, great food and many more laughs. It was a wonderful time of getting to know interesting things about one another. In the morning only Rosa got the privelege of having a hot shower so we got breakfast for free.

We made the trek home on Sunday, laughing much of the way, anxious to get a good nights sleep in our own beds but with a sense that friendships were deepened and relationships built.

It was good to do "normal" things today, although I must admit that I am tired and am looking forward to an early night tonight. Posted by Picasa