Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Thursday!

More gardening today
Bone Density scan today
Physio in half an hour
Tired children
Still need to pack
livingroom smells so fresh as I washed the curtains and hung them out to dry
Claires bedroom stripped and out on the line
her room will smell as good as the livingroom
Cranky children
no one wants to do homework
I leave in 19 hours and counting
I look forward to the break
I'll worry about my kids
I hope they let me cross the border without a passport
I'm past thriteen and I'm hyper......

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday tidbits....

It's after supper on Tuesday evening, and I am getting ready to head out to a stamping party. The last few days seem to have flown by. The weather has been fabulous so I have been cleaning out the garden beds, excited with all of the new growth I am uncovering. One of the neighbors a few doors down seems to have trouble remembering to tie her garbage bags so, as it has been windy the last day or so, my gardens end up full of her crap. We clean it out and then it happens again.

A friend is having a hard time right now with some news recently received and I wish I could do more to help. Sometimes it is enough to sit and listen, but distance makes that hard. E-mailing back and forth when time permits is something but not so personal.

I am heading to Maine on Friday with a few other girls to attend a Mothers of Preschoolers conference, and we decided that we would stay an extra night and rent a cottage on our way home. No need to push ourselves driving late into the night on Saturday!

I am on some drugs for the pain in my wrists, and numbing in my hands, and one of the side effects is sensitivity to the sun. I guess I should have heeded the warning! I look like a lobster. It seems to be strong stuff that can cause stomach ulcers so if I start vomiting up what looks like coffee grounds, I am to go for help. I start with physio on Thursday, and although it's not my knees this time, I'm not sure how I'll handle Jeff fondeling my hands.......

I am in search of the perfect kitchen door. I know what I want but as yet have not found it.

I have finished the book for bookclub already. I did it in two days. I loved it. Girl With a Pearl Earring is a very good read.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Sitting on the front porch early this morning, basking in the warmth of the sun, enjoying a cup of Earl, listening to the birds sing and smelling the wet earth, and seeing the green shoots making their way up from their slumber. Spring is here, and although the rooftops acrss the road were covered in frost, my yard was warm and comforting.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's Wednesday...

Today is World Water Day. Take a moment to appreciate how blessed we are to have free flowing clean water, and consider how much we take it for granted!

Last night was my book club. They read The In-between World of Vikram Lall. I got to about page three. It sounds like a great book, but I didn't sit down to read it until two nights before we were to meet. They had a great discussion, we ate great food, and when the discussion was over, we all tried belly dancing! Each of us in turn had to run for the bathroom as we were laughing so hard that we were wetting ourselves. Next month we are to read The Girl With The Pearl Earring.

The garden is coming to life more everyday,
and I am getting anxious more and more each day wanting to get in and mess around. Today is cold and damp, so I guess I'll stick to laundry and floors..... There is never an end to the jobs!

The kids are settling back into school nicely and it feels good to be in a regular routine again.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Would someone at a nursing home give a granny 5 pills to aid with constipation before she heads out for an afternoon with family not even mentioning that it had been done? The poor woman who walks none too quickly with the aid of a walker gets hit with the cramps from hell and can only call for us to help her get to the bathroom not quite in time. No supplies, no warning, no nothing, only grandmother saying she had been given some pills! I pity the person who sees mother first on the return to the nursing home!!!

I also learned something today. I have a nasty gag reflex now when it comes to helping someone in the bathroom. I guess now that my kids are out of diapers my ability to handle the unpleasant things of life has been compromised.

Friday, March 17, 2006

From our house to yours...HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!

the girl who won't eat anything was willing to eat green pizza!

Sam of course is always willing to eat as his tummy is always telling him that he is hungry...

and of course we can't forget Daniel....

nor can we forget about dessert!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My funny son....

As one of our activities this week, we decided to take all of the kids to the Art gallery. They had all sorts of things for the kids to do, and we also figured that a little culture wouldn't hurt them. We are walking through the gallery and are in the Christopher Pratt exibit. Sam gets a little ahead of me which is never good, and next thing I hear is him saying, "that looks like my mom" All of the kids are laughing and people leaving the exibit are smiling. I look where the kids are looking and I see this....

Well, to say I was embarassed would be a major understatement, but what could I do? I'm not so sure that I really stand around with my hands on my hips while naked but anyway. We quickly moved on to the Maud Lewis exibit. Of course, we had to pass through the Pratt exibit again to get out, and as we walk through one of Karen's kids pipes up"there's Alison".......

So cultured we are. They did seem to enjoy the rest of the gallery and they got to paint their own Tom Thompson inspired art. We left with dripping creations and delivered them to Grandmother before heading home to the silence...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And so it goes....

On Friday my little sister lost her baby. She woke in the night to her water breaking, far too early, and the wee heart was born. It has been a hard time for her and Pernell and the kids. Although we are not so very close, it is still hard to know that she is hurting and that there is nothing I can do to rectify the situation. I have often caused her emotional pain and even the occasional physical pain (she will happily show you the scars), but it hurts me that I can't fix this. I am thankful that she is surrounded by such a wonderful community of friends and family that can help her to get through this. She has such a good outlook and wrote beautifully of her feelings just the other day. Ok, so I just read her blog again and she is venting. The second post down is her beautiful piece.

As far as our family goes, we are in the middle of spring break. Karen and her kids came in to the city on Sunday and we spent the last few days taking in as many activities as we could. They just left this afternoon, and the house seems so empty and lonely.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Thank you...

to all of you who have expressed such care and concern for me here and via e-mail. Although we have never met, it is wonderful to know that we can be such a support to one another.

The visit today was a good one. She apologized for the incompetance of her receptionist who, when I was told everything was fine was reading the other Alison Someone's chart. My results were not normal. In six months I go back again, and then I am likely going to have to see a specialist. There is no real reason for the results to be so consistantly good and then bad then good again. I thus far have no sign of cancer which is wonderful news. We are thrilled and very thankful about that!!!! I do still have however bits where bits should not be.

As far as the numbness in my hands, and pain in my wrists, it is not Carpel Tunnel, rather a problem with the tendon or some such thing. I of course get to go to physio again. She has also given me an anti-inflammatory to try and if that works then I will be all set.

It's sunny again, although a little cooler but we are now off biking again.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring has sprung...

...for now anyway. Sam and I spent the whole day outside except for lunch. We both ended up with sunburned cheeks, and I'm quite sure Sam has added a few more freckles. Sam ended up falling asleep at quarter past six tonight, no doubt from all of the fresh air and exercise.

Grandmother is now in a nursing home and although it's not the Ritz, it's a warm and welcoming place. All of the staff seem fabulous, and she seems happy. Since being in the hospital she has managed to gain 5 lbs bringing her up to the grand weight of 69lbs. Her roomate is blind and very quiet. She seems to get herself parked in front of grandmother thereby blocking Grandmother from moving her walker and getting out of her chair. Something they will work out I'm sure.

My doctors appointment is tomorrow and we shall see what the story is with this body of mine.

Hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous week........

Saturday, March 04, 2006

freezing cold x many days + a lake = a happy family on skates!!!!!

it's about time.....we spent the afternoon skating on the lovely bumpiness of the lake and now we are in trying to get warm.

Friday, March 03, 2006

for those that want it....

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
Mix the following until smooth in a large bowl:
4 eggs
2 C sugar
16 oz pumpkin
1.5 C vegetable oil
Combine and add to above mixture, mixing well:
3 C flour
2tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
Fold in 2.5 C chocolate chips
Fill greased muffin cups 3/4 full
Bake at 400 degrees for 16-20 mins
Cool for 10 mins in pan before removing to wire rack

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Alison

1) I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins today
2) I got distracted, they got overcooked..they are still edible, just a little dark
3) It's cold again today
4) I had a phone call from a friend who I have not talked to in two years the other day
5) It's crazy to connect after all that time. Neither of us have changed much. Our kids have just gotten older
6) Not sure what to make for supper
7) Alot of days are like that
8) Tuesday was easy as it was pancake day
9) The litter box needs changing
10) Sam is Spiderman again today, and when he disrobes, he will be Peter Parker
11) I drove for Daniel's field trip yesturday to the middle school where he will go in two years. They were putting on the musical Aladin. They did a fabulous job
12) Report cards came out last week. Both kids did really well
13) March Break is coming fast, the kids are excited as we will spend four days with the valley friends

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wordless Wednesday...

A hot pile of sheets fresh from the dryer and a tired Sam....
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