Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Monday, February 27, 2006

It's monday.....

What a whirlwind weekend! Well not really but it seemed crazy. Daniel went to the Valley on friday night until Sunday. Saturday we hung around here piddling at this and that. Sam and I got into wrestling. When I had enough I stepped aside and went on to my next activity. Sam decided to tackle the dog. The dog who has a very sensitive hind end whipped around and left small bite marks on Sam's face surrounding his eye. He didn't growl, instead he yelped in pain. For this reason the vet said he did not need to be put down. He was being defensive not aggresive. We are happy with this, but things are changing around here. The dog will remain in the kitchen and we are having a trainer come into our home to work wth us and Jake.

We had a friend in on Saturday night and he and I cooked Taiwanese and Korean food. He then entertained us at the piano, while the kids danced all over the place.

Sunday came and went as Sundays always do. Daniel returned home safe and sound, and the three kids decided to camp in the family room for the night as they didn't have school today.

I took Samea for groceries this morning, then spent a couple of hours with grandmother. She was in great spirits and shared many MANY sories from years long ago. I'm so glad that I am able to spend this time with her. She ate a huge lunch, and I left her with the anticipation of gardening in pots for their afternoon life activities.....

Thanks to all of you who have been checking in. I'm doing fine, just have not had much to say.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Anxiety here we come...

So all those tests I had a while ago that I thought were normal are not so much. I called a while ago and was told that they were fine. I got a call today from the office to say that I need to come in to discuss the results. I told her that I had called and been told that if there was a problem I would have been notified. She said well....they have just come back and you need to come in. I'm going out of my tree. My appointment is for the 8th of march. That's two weeks away. I even made Hud call to see if he could find out anymore but she couldn't tell him anything.

I can't wait to find out who I talked to previously. Here I was thinking all was well and really it is not. I need to get a grip but suspense and I are not the best of friends!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday come and gone....

The day is winding to a close and nothing shocking has happened. I suppose I should be thankful.

I had a moms group meeting this morning as Samea was not up for groceries, then I went and spent some time with Grandmother. They have moved her to a restorative care unit at another hospital where they actually get her up and dressed and have activities and things. Daniel and I went on the weekend and she kept calling him Robert. This is not anything new but he has decided that to her he is Robert and that's that.

Had a chance to talk to a couple of friends today which was really nice. One I talk to almost everyday, the other not nearly that often. Either way, it was good to connect.

Supper is over and cleaned up and I'm now sitting while Daniel gives me a massage, and corrects my grammar. He is quite distressed that I don't indent my paragraphs!

We got more snow today and although it wasn't reams, it was enough to cover the brown dirty ground and add sparkle to the air. I'm almost inclined to say it's beginning to look a lot like christmas....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well...that was fun

We had a huge wind and rain storm last night. I don't prefer the wind. It sort of frightens me. A good breeze to dry my sheets I can handle but "damaging winds" I don't get into. I had just finished talking to Ffamily of Five when boom, out go the lights. I had only moments before told her it sounded as though my house was being torn apart. I was downstairs in the family room and the kids were all upstairs on the other levels. Hud of course was at work. I stumble up in the pitch black trying not to trip on cats and dog and got to the kitchen where Daniel met me and we lit all the candles. Aside from enjoying the main floor looking pretty, I was anxious. Tracey from next door came over with glow sticks for the kids and they promptly went down to the family room to make a huge fort. After an hour of such entertainment we all blew out the candles and went up to my bed where we all tucked in and I read to everyone. Of course the wind sounded even louder upstairs and I was freaked. One by one the kids decided that they were heading to their own beds. I was pushing the safety in numbers card and no one was biting! Around ten o'clock the lights came back on so I watched the news. Soon after Hud came home so I was able to sleep somewhat peacefully. It's still windy but not like last night.

I want to leave you with the most hilarious commercial I have seen in a long time.....http://www.becel.ca/brokenescalator I tried to post it right to my blog but Castpost is down again....both the tv commercial and the directors cut are great!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's Thursday...

and I don't have thirteen things to say today. (Believe it or not....)

Hud was helping Sam get ready to go outside the other day, and Sam was asking for something. Hud said just a sec. Sam asked again. Hud said give me two secs. Sam replied Dad, do you need lots and lots of secs? We couldn't stop laughing and of course Sam had absolutely no idea why we found it so very funny.

The weather is so spring like again today, everything is melting fast. I have some windows open trying to freshen up the house. I almost think I should hang the sheets and towels out. I am itching to get gardening. We are thinking about redesigning our front porch so that the steps come down on an angle. If we do that, then the gardens will need to be adjusted but it would look 110% better.

Grandmother is as fiesty as ever but becoming increasingly confused. I have not been in to see her since monday as I have a cold. I talked to her on the phone last night and she was talking about the fisheries and all sorts of other non-related things. So sad seeing her lose herself.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


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Monday, February 13, 2006

Nothing much....

Things are pretty mellow here after the weekend away. Spent some time with grandmother this afternoon. She was angry with me because she thought I was keeping her daughter from coming in to see her. She was sure she had seen her pass by in the hall. She gave me a good tongue lashing, and so the nurse changed the subject and convinced her to let her wash her hair. She made the nurse understand in no uncertain terms that she was not to cut the hair, only wash it, and for heavens sake, she mustn't get the pillow wet. Grandmother fell asleep during the hairwashing and I slipped out.

Hud is out tonight same as every monday night for floor hockey. I think I'm going to tuck the kids in early and head to the tub with my new book. Perhaps I will relax so much myself I'll fall asleep in the tub and wake up frozen solid!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Claire and Sam thrilled with the fact that they can "walk on water". Pretty cool huh mom?!? Posted by Picasa
As far as the eye could see there were huge chunks of ice that the ocean had heaved up on shore. Hard to believe that it is the same beach that we run up and down in the summer.... Posted by Picasa
An eagle devouring one of the casualties of the tides. There have been lots of baby seals washing up on shores all over, not strong enough to survive. Posted by Picasa
The frozen ocean this weekend at camp. Posted by Picasa
The snow fort made by Tracey and the kids in the front yard during and after the last big storm. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Alison

1) Grandmother is still in the hospital

2) They now say she has a fractured pelvis

3) Yesturday she was so confused she thought that the hospital was the train station

4) I'm taking Claire in today so they will all have seen her before she fades anymore

5) We head to camp tomorrow for the weekend

6) I have tons to do today to get ready to go

7) I was given a Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday by my birthmom and brother and grandmother.

8) It does mighty fast work of kneading bread dough

9) Saw someone the other day that we have not seen in a couple of years

10) My brothers girlfriend has joined me in the card making addiction

11) I'm getting excited about new garden plans and other outdoor projects

12) I still miss my best friend desperately

13) I have another headache....

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Well then.....

The last few days have been an absolute blur! For those that were wondering, yes it was indeed my birthday on Sunday. Saturday Hud was on a football field all day and Karen and the family came up from the Valley so we could exchange kids and have a birthday supper together. We ordered in Chinese food and we had cake and all. Thanks to everyone who has been asking where I have gone....

Sunday we were to have dinner at my birthmom's house. Upon arriving we learn that Grandmother had fallen getting ready to come to the party. My birth mom had found her on the bedroom floor when she went to get her. Ambulance trip to the emergency center near her home. They say she fractured her hip. Ambulance ride to the hospital in town. They say no fracture but they want to keep her. Large man enters emerg, grandmother gets booted from cubicle to hallway. Birth mom left at 1:30 am, grandmother still in hall. I get there at noon on Monday as I had to go to the moms group and show the ladies their craft instructions for the day. Grandmother still in hall all alone. Mother and aunt and two cousins have gone to get her some lunch. They returned and then fed her and then left to get some rest. Both mother and aunt are sick. I told her that I would stay with her 'til they took her upstairs.

Four in the afternoon and we are still waiting. Ten minutes the nurse says. Finally they call over the speaker they need the patient in the hall transferred. No one came. Next call they came and up we went. They settled her and I waited in the hall and was joined by my birthmom again. We then went in to her and just caught supper. She ate like crazy. She hadn't really had anything other than soup since breakfast the day before. When she was done eating she was quite sure it was time to go home. When we told her she couldn't go home she got annoyed with us. She tried to get off the bed, demanded her keys etc. She does not realize that she will never go home again. She has had incident after incident and has been waiting on the nursing home list for five months.

I finally decided at 7 pm that I needed to go home to my family. I kissed her goodbye and as I was putting on my coat she asked what would happen if she expired while I was gone. I told her that I would miss her very much and that I would want her to go knowing how much I loved her and then I left. I think that was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Sam and I went in this morning to find that she had had a rough night and when she woke had been calling for Wendy. Everyone was asking if I was Wendy and I kept saying no. I'm the grandaughter. She had been trying to climb out between the rails on the bed. She was angry with everyone. I was taken out by the social workers who wanted to know if her confusion etc was a regular thing or a result of the fall. Sadly that's grandmother. They agree she cannot go home. Ever. Thankfully. We stayed for awhile, watched her walk with the physiotherapist and then tucked her back into her chair in time for lunch. I'll go again tomorrow, I'll go as long as I need to, as long as she is with us.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about ALISON

1) The storm is over
2) I moved the van today only to find another driveway worth of snow underneath
3) While driving Hubby to work noticed the van started shaking
4) Perhaps there is too much snow stuck in around stuff and it's causing problems
5) I hope it's better tomorrow as I am supposed to drive to the valley for a visit because the kids have no school
6) We finally got snow so we were set to hit Martock this weekend but it is supposed to rain on Saturday
7) Sam is snoring away on the couch so I need to get the neighbor to watch for Claire after school
8) I have no idea what to cook for supper
9) Daniel has an orthodontist appointment this afternoon
10) I have looked into going back to school but it's a little scary
11) I'm not sure I could juggle the house, kids and school
12) I miss my best friend desperately
13) I'm heading to book club tonight

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I asked for snow and BOY did I get snow! Who even knows the accumulation at this point, and we are supposed to get another 15-20cms by the end of it today. Everything is shut down in Halifax as the wind is sooo strong we are under a blizzard warning, and the RCMP are asking people to stay off the roads. Of course having a husband who is incapacitated is just perfect on a day like today with huge amounts of shovelling to do. I have made it from the front door to the driveway so far and am now in enjoying a cup of tea. The driveway will get done a bit at a time, and that's that. The kids are soo excited although with the wind it's not quite as enjoyable. A perfect day for fort making, movie watching and popcorn eating.

I'd post some pics, but the memory stick is missing from the camera.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Colin and Tracey from next door who helped me dig out. Amazing how fast a snowblower and an extra set of hands makes a big job go.