Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cool Down.....

The neighbors bought a huge air filled water slide. It works just like a bouncy tent thing. All the kids from a few houses ended up in their yard this afternoon for a cool down. The little girl who owns the thing is only two but thinks it's great fun that all of her "friends" came to play! Daniel and Ahmad couldn't resist it either and came over from a game of frisbee and got right into the fun fully clothed! Sam making the ascent to the top of the slide!
One at a time boys......
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Saturday, July 29, 2006

He's Back......

Daniel just got home last night from a week at camp. He was so tired he didn't even bother to get undressed. He passed out laying on my bed telling me all about the week, and stayed there until after 10 o'clock this morning. He is now reunited with his friends, and the house has it's normal buzz back.
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All alone...

And not sure what to do with myself. I will never understand why it is that I can wish for alone time so I can accomplish lots and just breathe, but when I have the time I am at a loss! Daniel is at camp and the others have gone to my birth moms for the night. Hud of course is at work. I have dealt with the laundry, supper is ready to be cooked, the floors have been done, and now I sit here wondering why I can't think of anything to do!!!

There is always gardening that is beckoning, and I even have a few new plants that need to go in, but at the moment that holds no interest for me. I am waiting to have some patio stones cut to a better size so I can make a meandering walkway, so my mind is full of ideas surrounding that......

I have book club tonight, and although I didn't read the book, I'm going for the fun and snacks and the hot tub.

Off I go for some tea, uninterrupted on the back deck, enjoying the sun that we have been missing the last few days.......

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Classy Dames.....

Today was the day that the boys were delivered to camp. Karen and I took them as we do every year, enabling ourselves to have some time together garden shopping and the like on our way home. It's a two hour drive each way from our place so we have lots of fun. We laughed with the boys the whole way there while listening to the Dead Dog Cafe, stopping only at Tim Hortons to grab some lunch. The boys settled in so quickly and were keen for us to leave so we took off, stopping for chips etc at a cornr store in the next little town. We remembered that Adam needed a flashlight so we bought a couple and drove back to the camp. We told the boys that we had already gotten a call about their behaviour and that we had come back to take them home. After a moment of panic we said good-bye and left them for real.

We managed to eat almost a full bag of Doritos before we stopped for supper, and were quite proud of how much we managed to pack away regardless. As we were getting into the van Karen told me her arm was going numb....laughing she informs me that she is having a heart attack. All I could do was spew my water all over the van and out my door. Once we got over that I figured that I was safe to drive so off we went again.

Next stop was Farmer Clems. After loading a cart full of plants we got some ice cream. Mine of course was melting too fast but I couldn't lick it as my hands were full with the box of plants. Karen didn't feel like licking it for me so I had a huge mess to deal with by the time we got to the van. Of course it all started dripping down my hands and even on my shirt. Nice!!! Anyhoo....I got cleaned up and off we went again. It was then time to listen to music from the past. We so enjoyed singing to all the songs from the 80's entertaining anyone who managed to pass us with our fabulous shenanigans. Amazingly we made it back to my place in one piece and as classy as ever. The fathers are planning to do the pick up on Friday night so the boys won't be nearly as entertained.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vacation with friends....

Karen and her kids arrived on Monday and we have not stopped since. Daniel and Adam set Daniel's tent up themselves and bunked outside, Karen and I managed to get out late one night to grab a movie which I fell asleep in the middle of, shopping for us and the little kids, bike hike and amethest finding for the big boys, late suppers, lots of laughs, gardening etc. Today we went to Citadel Hill, our fortress in the middle of the city. We were there for the firing of the noon cannon and the kids managed to try all sorts of things. Adam even managed to help cook a meal for the "soldiers".

We are now just mellowing out, getting ready for a busy weekend. Daniel heads to camp on Sunday so we are planning on just taking it easy. Summer is flying by too fast......

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Cool Down!

What does one do to cool off when it is 25 degrees by 8:30 in the morning? Get oneself thrown into the neighbors pool with all of your clothes on that's what! It helped and Sam soon followed. The kids were then content running around with sopping clothes eating freezies etc. I tried to garden but it was just too hot. Hud arrived home around lunch and I stuck around for a few minutes then I left to visit with Gram. I ended up staying with her until 7:30 enjoying some wine and supper. It was a treat to spend time with her alone, and her property is on a lake so we had a wonderful breeze. I left her to get some much needed groceries and when I got home, the tent was set up and we all piled in and were soon snoring away.

Daniel has been enjoying his time in the valley and they will all get here in time for supper tonight. Karen and her kids will stay for a couple of days, and then we get the boys ready for their week at camp. It seems as though summer is slipping by so fast and there is so much fun yet to be had...... Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006


Summer is in full swing, hot, muggy, sticky kids,etc. We are passing out freezies like there is no tomorrow.

We have had two kids from New Brunswick with us for the week, although they were only here for breakfast and bedtime. They had our bed and Hud slept in with Daniel and Sam and I had the couch in the family room.

Emily and her family came yesturday and we spent the afternoon making egg-rolls. It was rainy so we knew we would not have to be chasing kids around outside, so we figured it was the perfect day. We then had a fabulous supper together. Hud is still "away" so I was glad to have adult company. He is away overnight tonight, and returns tomorrow afternoon. The kids will be glad to have him back and I will be glad that things will get back to normal. Daniel went back to the valley with Emily last night and will return on Monday with Karen when she comes down for a few days with her crew. So for tonight I will sit quietly by myself, perhaps spend a few minutes with the neighbor on the front porch, but generally just enjoy the peace and quiet that night time brings. I will also revel in the comfort of my own bed.

The garden is ever changing and keeps me busy with weeds control and bug removal. I am in the midst of planning a path to the back yard and am getting excited about the possibilities... never ending fun.

Off to freezie the melting children......

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Claire and Uncle enjoying some playtime before supper Daniel's cake...rather fitting with the World Cup and all
I could help you said Sam....
Claire and Grampy thumb wrestling....Claire cheating with a major advantage!
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Craig the talented that brother of mine!

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Miss Claire
tricky Sam
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