Sunday, May 28, 2006

Here We Go Again....

I'm home, rested, and gearing up to start another week.

The time away with the girls was grand. We had a great room at the Cambridge Suites. We spent lots of time in the hot tub and on the roof overlooking Halifax. The weather was pretty good so we were able to walk most everywhere we decided to go. Friday night we had Ethiopian food and it was amazing. We then went for dessert at the Fireside, enjoying some great drinks and wonderful cheesecake and the like.

After getting back to the hotel we went up to the roof again, but this time in our jammies. Yes, we did entertain some other guests with our attire but oh well....After finally settling into our room for the night, we got a movie, oredered pizza and had a couple of drinks. Then of course we had to watch some lame TV during which time I fell asleep. I woke to Karen telling me it was time for bed, I said ok, and rolled over. Lights out and a minute later Karen pipes up that we are on the wrong sides of the bed. We switched and slept 'til just before seven. Upon waking we went again to the hot tub, this time with blue face masks on. Classy rather! Showers and breakfast came next, and then our day of walking around market and downtown began. The sun came out a few times, and it got rather humid. That said, we needed to keep breaking from our shopping for tea/coffee breaks. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the art gallery, and then more snacks while deciding where to go for supper. We settled on Japanese, so off we went to the Milamodo restaurant. Fabulous food once again. Then of course it was time for me to get dropped off so the rest of the girls could head back to the valley. They did come in for coffee and ice-cream before they left, but I still find it hard even now to say good-bye to them.

Tomorrow my birth father arrives for three weeks, so Daniel and I will head to the airport to collect him. Claire's birthday is next weekend and her party is on Saturday so I need to get busy picking up the last bits of things. She is having a tea party on Saturday and then a family supper on Sunday. Good times all around.

Off to feed the troops, then put my feet up as I look to the week ahead.

Friday, May 26, 2006

It's That Time Again....

The valley girls will be here in a couple of hours and off we will set for our latest edition of overnight fun. We are staying at the Cambridge Inn this time, shaking things up a bit for some variety. We plan to shop, eat, swim, I'm sure eat again, stay up gabbing, visit the art gallery where I might just get to find myself again, hit the market, eat some more and all sorts of other grand things.

I'm so ready to go that I am up pacing the floors. It's not quite that bad I guess but I couldn't sleep so here I sit. I guess I could go clean the house.....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A cuddle with wee baby Kieran. The perfect excuse to do squat! ...holding a sleeping babe!
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I ache...I spent the afternoon with the neighbor unloading a trailer full of mulch. Tons of mulch. Who knows how many wheelbarrowfulls of it we shovelled. Into the wheelbarrow, onto the garden back to the trailer for another load. The yard and all the air around us smells like manure from yesturdays garden soil extravaganza, and cedar from todays efforts. I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled that the country chick has moved in.

Off to the tub I go for a nice long soak.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Hearts.....

A dear friend who has been searching for sixteen years for his biological family has just had his prayers answered. Between the two of us, with what little info we had, started digging around, not to make a scene but to find out what we could about his heritage. He was told that he would not be able to connect with his family, but I was sure that we could at least find out some more info. Jodi was so helpful in the geneological research end of things, and for that we are so thankful. Being given up for adoption is not the end of the story in our minds. Not being able to know our pasts is tough stuff indeed. Wanting to respect the wishes of the birth family but also knowing what it is like not to know, I dug a little harder. Just in the last week , my friend received word that things were changing. Family that did not know about him had been told and that communication was imminent!

What a joy to be told this morning that he now has the identifying info of his mother and that communication and perhaps a relationship are around the corner. Both of our hearts are so much lighter now. The unfolding of a new chapter in his life, one that I have experienced, and all that it will bring is so exciting. Words cannot express the feelings!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

He Made It!!!!!

Kylie and I picked a spot to sit near the 3.5Km mark. I was surprised to see Daniel coming as soon as he did. He was easily in the first quarter to half of the runners, and considering that the first crew were much older I was sooo proud of him. So he has decided that this is his latest passion and he wishes to participate in all of the runs for his age this summer. The official bluenose marathon is tomorrow, and my brother is running in that. Perhaps it's in the genes. Hope everyone is enjoying a splendid long weekend and that the weather holds out! Cheers!

We're Off!!!!

Daniel's first marathon! 4.2K in downtown Halifax......

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mothers Day and beyond.....

Mother's Day came and went as it always does, fun with the kids , a trip to the garden center, and a visit with my birth mom, a call to my mom, and any other mothers I feel like cheering on. The kids gave me a fabulous windchime and I love to sit and listen to the gentle sound as the breeze blows across the deck.

yesterday was a fabulous day weatherwise and I spent the afternoon out in the dirt while Hud dug me out yet another garden bed. Having him home on Mondays is great except I'm not sure there are ever enough hours on a Monday to get done all I want him to tackle.

Last night around supper Daniel started complaining of pain in his left ear. As the evening progress, he was crying non stop 'til finally he collapsed. I figured he had burst his ear-drum yet again. A trip to the doctor today confirmed my suspicions, so now he has eardrops, and a prescription. He is also being referred to the IWK to an ENT to discuss permanent tubes. Not quite sure how I feel about that, but seeing as the temporary ones didn't solve the problem I guess we need to consider our options. After talking with Daniel, the doctor who is not our regular one suggested that if we could afford it we should look into independant school for Daniel. Well....we can't afford it, so that's the end of that, but it was funny to me that she thought he was so bright. The two of them were discussing the complexities of the ear and all of it's components.... I felt rather left out!

Anyhoo....I'm off to plant the two Daylilies that Daniel and I bought while waiting to get in to the doctor. The sun is almost out!!!
Another happy customer from Claire and Autumn's hair and beauty shop!
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Isn't she lovely?
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Do you see what I see? The climbing hydrangea looks like it is going to bloom this year.
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Such delicacy....
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My new little friend.....Sam calls him Dee-Dee.
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I am home again after a weekend away at camp. The weather was fabulous and so early morning was such a treat. Kylie and I got up at six both mornings and went for a fabulous walk on the beach the first morning and then out on the road the second. What a gift to be able to get up early and get out and enjoy the beauty of creation, listening to the sounds of the world waking up, the lobster boats out hoping for a good haul, and good conversation with a good friend. We even found deer tracks on the sand. As we were sitting up at the lodge after out first walk, we looked back out towards the ocean and were so excited to see "seals" swimming by. There were so very many. We decided that we should run down and get a closer look. Of course, upon closer examination, we discovered that they were in fact ducks. Either way, it was fun.

The speaker was stellar, sharing so honestly about her life and the tragedies she has suffered being widowed not once, but twice. Yet through all of this she is full of joy. What an inspiration to see someone who is able to move beyond the pain and embrace life, moving forward day by day, sharing nothing but love with all she meets.

I even slept well which doesn't always happen when away from home. I was able to return home refreshed , rejuvinated and eager to start the first day of the rest of my life with a much more positive attitude and a closer relationship with God. Instead of getting weighed down with doubt and guilt and all the rest, I am going to have a change of attitude. One of thanksgiving and praise. What a relief! The food of course was incredible and I am coming home with more recipes. That of course is always a good thing.

The kids had a great time while I was gone, and although they all have colds, they all seem to be in better spirits too. My allergies are going crazy, but the joy of the gardens is far outweighing the itchy eyes and I continue to plug away.

Tomorrow night Craig and I go to Evita and I can't wait!

Cheers for the opportunity to get away and regroup, refresh, and revitalize oneself! life is so much sweeter now!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Garden Visitors.....

As I looked out my window this morning, I was greeted by two hungry little friends. The birds that come and sing to me are part of what I love about gardening. Such a glorious sound as they call to one another, skittering about as I play in the dirt..... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I'm hot, I'm cold, I ache all over....... and of course my kids are fighting!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Crazy Week.....

It seems that this week is going to fly by as there is so much going on. I was at the moms group this morning, then got a visit with grandmother in. I haven't been since last monday and thought it about time even though I have a sore throat. Tomorrow night is book club, and we are having a dutch meal together. I'm making meatballs of the dutch variety...we'll see how they turn out.

Wednesday I have safe arrival, Sam has pre-school and I need to have sugar cookies into the school for spring fair. Thursday Hud leaves for Ontario, so I need to help him get ready to go. Friday the kids have no school so we will get out and do something fun. Friday night I'm gone to the ladies retreat at camp. I have a sitter coming as Hud will be away until Saturday night, and because of that, there is extra housework to do. I have to leave the house company worthy....thrilling let me tell you!

The garden centers are open and I so badly want to get shopping for some new shrubs, and flowers but time is against me at the moment.

Sam continues not to feel himself although he is walking with no difficulty now. He still has a fever so if that's not gone by tomorrow I'm heading back to the doctor. I won't leave him if he is unwell. to my mountains of laundry. Yesturday Claire was looking for something to wear, so I sent her to my room where there were piles upon piles of neatly folded clothes. She came down a few minutes later and said that the laundry had expolded. Well, she was right! It was everywhere, and she still had not found anything to wear. I'm now all caught up, it's all away in the drawers, but I have a couple loads on the go again...never ending.....