Thursday, October 28, 2004

Picture This...

Like the new look?

Thanks to Pernell for setting me up with a "real" blog. Now if only we could find out how he did it... and how one posts pictures we'd be all set.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why is it so hard?????????

So Claire was having a tough time outside with the neighborhood kids. I guess they were bugging her but she wasn't dealing with it well. Hud told her that if she couldn't manage she would need to come inside. Of course it wasn't five mins and Hud had to go and bring her in. It broke my heart 'cos she was so very wounded that her Daddy would actually take her away from her friends. She was crying and throwing things etc and yet all I could do was get all choked up watching her. She looked so little and sad. Why is it that when you need to guide your kids it can be so painful?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Why is it that it never ends?
No matter how many loads I do in a day, I'm still not finished. I'm seriously considering committing my family to a nudist colony.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

And then it was gone!!!!!!!

So as posted earlier, I got my free sink. Well , it was short lived as SOMEONE left the laundry room door open giving Samuel access and well you guessed it...the sink smashed on the floor and is no more.....
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad. I haven't yelled like that in ages. The response was... well you did get it for free and I tearfully replied, yeah 'cos we can't afford a new one.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Love the freecycling...

I GOT MY SINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing I've learned from my sister....

So thanks to Margie , I have entered the world of free-cycling. Who knew how much stuff people have to get rid of. I'm even able to unload stuff that for some reason I thought I needed to keep until now. What a riot... Cheers to free stuff...I think I'm getting a pedastel sink!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Total Humiliation.....

So...we have just moved to the city from the country and we are all finding a bit of an adjustment. None of us however as much as our Lab/Border Collie. Since being here, he has packed on a few pounds which we need to get rid of, become more wound up etc. Because of this I have been walking for extended periods of time with him at night. Last night was no exception. His behaviour however was a completely different story. No way was he going to walk in a civilized manner like all of the other dogs and owners that we meet each night... No, he decided to land me flat on my side in the middle of the road! I'm not quite sure how he managed it , but nonetheless, there I was in the middle of Eisner Dr with who knows how many witnesses outside and looking through living room windows. Needless to say, that was the end of our walk. As I picked myself up, quite sure I was seriously busted , I was fighting the urge to burst into tears. I managed to get myself home( and the dog although he's lucky to be in one piece) and carry on with my life. At least til tonight when we will try again but this time not til well after dark.