Wednesday, April 27, 2005


We were all playing outside this afternoon when the neighbor got a call from the school asking if she had seen a seven year old boy. He had not made it to his sitters house so they were calling all of the parents of that grade. In no time the police were everywhere with photos of the little boy. Crews were at the lake, parents were pounding the pavement, Hud and the neighbor went off on their bikes looking in ditches etc. Tracey and I were stuck here with all of our own kids, feeling sick to our stomachs, praying hard. An hour or so later, the police were circling around to let people know that they had found the missing boy at his own home asleep in his own bed. Apparently for some reason he had gone home , climbed through a window and into bed.
The fear experienced by us was nothing I'm sure compared to that of his parents and the sitter, and I cannot imagine how I would react. I'm glad that this day is over and my chidren are all safe and sound here at home.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What the?.....

I was sitting here this morning reading blogs etc , when all of a sudden I hear a loud pop, lose some light, and feel something fly past my head. We have some track lighting here in the family room and one of the bulbs literally blew out of the socket. It left the screw part behind, sailing past me as an intact bulb. It was so hot that by the time I found something to pick it up with , it had already melted the carpet. I'm glad it was me sitting here and not the kids.

Last night while brushing kids teeth etc, I noticed that part of our bathroom wall was wet. It would seem that we now have to replace a wall and our shower. We really needed another big job to pay for at this point as I'm sure the roof is not enough.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I can't believe it!

Today I popped over to a friends for a bit after lunch. The kids played nicely for awhile then her two had a meltdown. I figured it was time to head out and let them get on with their regular rest time. That was at about 3 mins to 3. Daniel gets home from school at 2:40. The kids and I still had to bike home. We were only a block away but the house was locked and the van was gone. I am so lucky that the neighbor was home and noticed Daniel pounding the front door down. She has a sense of humour too which is helpful.
I feel like the worlds worst mother. Who forgets their kid?
The sun is shining away today, it's still cold though thanks to the wind. I have been so cranky the last couple of days. It would seem that everything sets me off. I even set myself off. Maybe I need a vacation from being me!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Saturday, April 16, 2005

And for those that want to know.....

Since I last blogged ..... my dryer gave out, we put a ton of money into our van, some of my bulbs are coming up, my new closet is finished,I finished babysitting,I left all of the kids overnight with a sitter while Hud and I went away with the leaders from our church,I grew a pimple in my ear,a friends mother died,a baby was born to our friends,I realized even more how fragile life is and how each day needs to be appreciated for what it is.......

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The new look that I can't duplicate....
For Lori

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Love the colour
Spring has sprung in Nova Scotia

Friday, April 01, 2005

WHAT THE??????!!!!!!!!????????

So I came downstairs this afternoon after spending a few moments in the bathroom to find that I was missing two kids. The younger three were all sitting watching a movie n=but the older two were gone. Daniel appears from the dark laundry room and a second later the girl I watch after school also appears. When they were asked what they were doing Daniel pipes up with..." we were talking" I asked about what and he couldn't come up with an answer. I then sent him upstairs so I could interrogate them seperatly. I asked said girl and she claimed forgetfulness. I kept at her until finally I told her to get it figured out in her mind by the time I came back. Daniel eventually told me that they were talking about the movie cos they didn't like it. I came back down and finally got out of the girlie that Daniel had asked her to find his ticklish spot. I was horrified! So back upstairs I went armed with the conflicting story, telling him that there would be serious consequences for lying. He finally spilled out a similar yet not totally the same story.
I can't believe this. They are almost 9 and 6. What is going on and how much further would the tickle game have gone if I hadn't come down?!? She is always writing letters to him, making him cards expressing her love to him. I realize they are just kids but it seems so early for them to even notice each other never mind going to a dark room together!