Thursday, March 29, 2007

"But it's not like Claire's mom's!!!"

Cinnamon sugar! That's what all the fuss is about! How on earth do I make my cinnamon sugar?!? On Sunday evening I walked with Autumn's mom. Jeanie asked what I did to my cinnamon sugar. I shrugged and said that I mix the two and away I go. Well, the girls were sure that I made my own cinnamon and would hear none of any other opinion...they ate her concoction with their apples but were sure it was not like mine.

Claire takes cinnamon sugar to school to dip her apple slices in. Lauren's mom called today to find out what I did as it would seem her's is also not like mine! I told her that I pour some sugar in a bowl, add the cinnamon ,stir it with a spoon of all things, and there it is. Presto! She thinks I should write a book! We decided that perhaps there is a market for "Claire's mom's cinnamon sugar" amoung school age kids....I'll get right on that.

Both Autum and Claire are heading to Lauren's afterschool today. Carol claims that she will not be serving apples with cinnamon sugar...we then thought that perhaps she should and tell them that she got it from me and see what their response is.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just a little randomness...

Good morning my sunshines...curled up together playing gameboy. I love the sunkissed cheeks!
My crazy neighbor across the road. She doesn't have the time to get in her garden so she is holding on to winter! I'm quite sure she is making some sort of statement..... at least they have removed the lights from the eaves!
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

A glorious spring day with some friends....

An all ages football game in the middle of the street. Claire was the only girl but held her own no problem... Run Sam run...
Sam and Isaiah taking a break from the game to play a more civilized game of cars! Sam is dressed in all dark clothes as he is a "spy".
And last but far from least is the most beautiful sight in the world. A pregnant belly due that very day, glowing in the rays of the warm sun! We can't wait to meet you precious girl!!!
It was a warm, warm day and Catherine and Lori came for tea. We sent the boys out to the back yard mud pit and brought them in for luch covered from head to toe. After we ate, we decided to head out front. It was glorious. Claire even went in for her sandals and a short sleeved blouse. The kids played football and cars, soccer, and cars, skateboarded and rode bikes, and of course played more cars! We moms just enjoyed the warmth on the front porch, calling out every once in a while to tell the kids a car was coming. The afternoon got away from us, and before we knew it, suppertime was upon us. The girls piled their boys into the car and took off for home, my kids played on. By 6:30 Sam was toast so he came in to eat and have a bath. He was asleep in no time. The others came in at 8:00, ate and crashed. A fabulous way to spend an inservice day. The girls and I have decided that we need to do this weekly...and by next week there should be a wee babe for me to love!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I awoke this morning to a white world again. I spent the afternoon yesturday rejoicing at the tulips bursting up from the soil all over the gardens, removing the boughs and cutting dead stalks. I guess I was a wee bit premature in my excitment as it would seem that winter is back. Blowing snow, treacherous roads, accidents all over the city. A good day to hunker down inside, planting more seeds, caring for the things already growing, baking, reading with Sam, and more. Spring will come for real in time, and when it does I ill be so very thankful!

on another note, I read a book this weekend by Cassandra Danz. She will be remembered as Mrs. Greenthumbs. As I was reading this book, I felt as though I were having a conversation with a friend. Not your typical garden book. I laughed through most of it, feeling as though she were right there with me, she being able to express my feelings better than I ever could. Her excitment over new growth and new plants, good compost etc mirrored my own. Sure I had made a new friend, I looked her up online and was very sad to learn that she had died in 2002 after a long fight with breast cancer.

So here's to the continuation of dreaming of days in the garden, celebrating new life regardless of the weather!
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

And yes, even Miss Claire, the pickiest eater of all ate the pancakes and drank the milk.
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

And now it is winding down...maybe

Karen and her kids left this morning, and we are in a strange state. Claire is off to her friends, Daniel and Sam are hanging out together, reading and playing. I am wandering around, reclaiming the house with tears streaming down my face as the quiet deafens me. The beds are made, the dishes done, the laundry in process, the floors scrubbed, the lonliness heavy in my heart.

We had a fabulous few days together. Karen and I sat together alot, talking and knitting up a storm. I made another hat, she a sock for Andrew and a shrug for Audrey's doll. We drank more tea than I thought would be possible. We celebrated excitedly the sprouting of two more daylily plants. We played games with the kids, we went to a movie, and rented a couple as well. We enjoyed the pirate display at the museum. We enjoyed being outside with the kids, although the wind was cool. We laughed late into the night about anything and everything. We watched lots of home movies of the kids when they were younger. We planned our gardens, full of hope for some exciting possibilities.

These are things we used to do daily. Now they happen as special occasions. We long for the "old days". Days when we lived our lives together. Life here is good but something is missing.

So I will spend the rest of this week with my kids when they are here, (they all have various engagments over the next few days) glad for the good times we shared with our friends, glad too for the promise of another visit soon.
Best of friends...brothers is how they view each other. Tough army guys called to the dinner table!
Sam and Joseph camped out in the livingroom, watching a movie. Such luxury!!!
Cards that Karen and I made in the evenings. So fun to have someone in residence to do it with. I never make them to have on hand. I always just do them as needed. This was much better.
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Just a cool place to hang out on the waterfront...

Pirate show at the museum...
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A captive audience...that is until the real swords came out and then Sam who has no fear needed his mom.
Daniel and Adam moving the canon into place...
Claire "igniting" the canon
A beautiful warm spring day, perfect for walking downtown.
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bring On The Chaos!

It's March Break! Karen and her kids arrive this afternoon for a few days of fun and festivities. My kids are beyond excited, and have been bouncing off the walls getting ready for their arrival.

We started the week off with a bang yesturday evening by joining friends at their house for dinner. Upon arriving, the kids shot off in various directions, Sam getting to hang with the girls. We adults gathered in the kitchen, enjoyed some wine and conversation while dinner prep wrapped up, then sat down to eat as the kids were content to keep playing. They arrived a bit later ready for their supper, Sam looking stellar with glitter eye shadow etc. After dinner we sat around, the girls painting their nails, Sam not being left out again, he looks lovely in red, and then we watched a break dancing show put on by the three youngest. Finally we remembered that the clocks changed so we ushered our kids out and home to bed.

It's been a slow start this morning but in a few hours the pace will pick up immensly and we will be up to our ears in fun and hilarity. Bring it on!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

HARK! Do you see what I see?!?

When I removed the dome to water the soil this morning, I was thrilled to discover the first of thirty-seven day lily seeds to burst forth and show any sign of life. I am so very excited especially as they were only planted last Monday. Karen sent all of the seeds but one that I actually managed to cross and harvest myself. The one that has sprouted is one of her gems. What a glorious day this is!!! Never mind the fact that it is minus thirty degrees with the wind today! We have new growth!!!

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Toque picture as requested...

On friday Lori and Emily convinced me that I could in fact make a toque for my brother. He was wanting a new one and after he suggested it, I wondered if I could in fact do it. I had never knit on the round before and so I thought it might be fun to try. I only used wool that I had here, borrowed some circular needles and so began the process. A couple of things I learned....use the suggested weight of wool, and knit to the measurments the pattern suggests even if you think it will be far too long. I short changed the length by a few cms and the wool was much heavier. It is however a very warm hat.

Friday the girls cheered me on, Sunday I finished it. I shall give it to him tonight with the promise of a proper one in another couple of days made to the proper specifications. I think this will be the gift of the year for all of Hud's brothers and nephews...
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Murder Mystery Night

Darrel and Terrance in their roles as the Burger Empire millionaire, and "Rattler" the pro wrestler...
Catherine and Lisa and myself enjoy fabulous drinks and laughter...
Todd and Shannon the mortician and movie star...
Morgan and his friend...
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Claire on backwards day...
We may not have much for snow, and the sliding conditions stink,
but the discovery of the exciting ride down the stairs in the
backyard provided hours of entertainment!

Sam the caterpillar. Who he is varies everyday, and the fun with Dad's pj pants was just too good to pass up.
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The week thus far...

it's thursday already. The kids have no school tomorrow due to an inservice but we are supposed to have a storm anyway. That said, the week has gone so very fast.

Monday was my running around day, shopping for poppadoms, visiting grandmother who joined the other residents for bowling. Entertaining let me tell you! A stop at the hardware store for supplies for birdfeeder making for the mom's group next monday. Home to enjoy the fabulous weather and plant some seeds. Tuesday was grey and cold, but bookclub was grand. We ate amazing curry, laughed a ton, ate chocolate fondue with fruit until we couldn't move. Wednesday I was feeling rather unwell, enjjoyed a visit from Sal in the afternoon, got jammies on early and hunkered down for the evening.

All of that brings me back to today. I went over to see Susan this morning with Sam in tow. He hung out with a bunch of kids that she cares for, enjoying his time at "preschool". Susan and her friend and I did some card making ... I actually got the fronts of Claire's b-day invites done. Her b-day is in June. We came home for lunch and were surprised with a visit from Catherine and Nate. She is very pregnant, and trhe babe has now flipped"herself" into an unfortunate position. We spent the afternoon trying to come up with methods to turn "her" before she ends up needing a c-section. Supper is ready, just waiting for my family, then I am off to Catherine's with some others for our weekly Grey's gathering.

Tomorrow morning I am off early to get my bro to the airport, glad that the storm is not supposed to hit until afterI get home again. The kids and I will revel in the many cms we are supposed to receive and enjoy the fact that we have a long weekend.