Thursday, August 31, 2006

Curry for Christine...

Christine has requested that I post the recipe for the curry dish that Karen and I make. It is super easy, but tastes amazing!

Chicken and Lentil Curry

One container of plain Yogurt
One can of Cream of Coconut
2-3 TBSP or more to taste of Pataks Curry paste
2-3 chicken breasts chopped
4-6 medium potatoes peeled and chopped
2 carrotts peeled and chopped
1 onion chopped
3 cloves of garlic chopped(use more or less if desired)
1 C of red lentils

Mix yogurt, cream of coconut and curry paste together, adding chopped chicken. Set aside
Saute the rest of the ingredients until onion is translucent in a large frying pan.
Pour chicken mixture into pan and simmer until chicken is cooked and veggies are tender.
Consitency will be that of a thick stew. Water can be added during the cooking if desired.
Serve over Basmati rice, and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Of many things....

All of a sudden I realize that summer is just about over and there is still so much that I want to do! The kids head back to school in exactly one week, and then we will really be into the swing of things.

Karen and her kids were here overnight last night and she and I bailed and went to book club. We had read The Poisonwood Bible, and although she had not, she was content to tag along. Next is the Red Tent. We made ourselves curry for supper as seems to be our tradition, and enjoyed it immensly. We also made coffee ice-cream. It was amazing.

My friend who I have been helping along with his discovery of birth family has been in contact now with his mother, and father, sister, brother and some half siblings. Just the other day, I learned that his bio brother lives not far from where we used to and that Hudson actually knows him. I have now seen a picture of him and they are the spitting image of one another. Mutual friends of ours say that their mannerisms are also very similar. Again I am blown away by how much genetics have to do with things!

Hud has meetings at night the next few days, so I shall enjoy just sitting around enjoying the crisp evenings on the porch.

Off now to hang out some laundry and work in the garden...thankfully it is a wonderful sunny and warm afternoon.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Grandmother's 85th

We celebrated Grandmothers birthday yesturday even though it isn't really until September 5th. This seemed to be the best weekend for everyone to be together before the cousins head back to school and work away. It was a wonderful afternoon of much food and laughter. The kids were going bananas wanting to get in the pool which is how we spent the previous afternoon, but we made them tough it out inside. Hudson was away so I was glad Craig was there to help especially with Sam.

Cousins Kareen, Kelly and Cheryl

Claire giving Uncle a "massage"

Grandmother and the hooligans! Claire was trying to be such a lady for the pics but the boys just didn't have it in them....

Kelly and Kareen presenting the cake

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Grandmother and her cake And yes she managed to blow them all out in one go
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Grandmother and Sam enjoying a cuddleThe whole family minus Hudson who was away Craig and grandmother and I
Sam and Uncle under the coffee table just hanging out!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


...just about sums it up!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


My girl is home again. Beginner camp is only three days so Kylie and I took another road trip this afternoon to collect the girls. They are so very tired but couldn't stop talking the whole two hours home. They had a great time and can't wait until next year.

Hudson leaves tomorrow for some speaking engagements and will return on Sunday. The kids and I will just plan to be mellow, laying low, enjoying each other without all the rushing around that summer brings. Things are really settling out now.

The people across the road have sold their house, so by the end of September we will have a new family with two kids and a third on the way joining our plethora of offspring. Our road is known by realtors as Sesame Street and for good reason. For the most part, each house has a couple of kids or one on the way, and if not they have grandchildren that come to visit.

Gardening is winding down although the hollyhocks are finally blooming. One of our trees is actually dropping it's leaves. Not so sure I am ready for that yet!

Off now to break up the daddy- daughter reunion so I can tuck her in and crawl into bed myself.

Friday, August 18, 2006

May I just say...

...that I find lack of initiative a very annoying thing?!?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here to stay?

We have made it back from our camping excursion and I think we are here to stay for a couple of days anyway. We had a great time with Dennis and Emily and their two, spending most of the time in fits of laughter. We had two sites next to each other that were very open, not ideal if you didn''t know the people next to you. We kept the tents separate due to the number of people allowed on one site but we moved our picnic table to theirs so we could manage everything all in one spot. The night Emily and I made chicken fahitas, everyone else was in our tent reading stories etc because of the rain. She and I got so carried away flinging things across the table to one another as we were cooking, speaking in french and just being generally freakish. We managed not to starve anyone and came home with tons of food left over, but I must say that when camping one does eat much more than usual. We had a very tame chipmunk visit us and in fact he climed on Daniel's sandal. Dennis and I went for our cameras but couldn't manage to get them in time. We are hoping to camp again before the season winds up.

Hud is going in to work today to wrap something up and then he will be free again. The buskers are in town until Sunday so we are planning to take the kids downtown tomorrow for the day. It's all set up along the waterfront, lots of things to see, eat and do.

Claire heads to camp on her own this Sunday so Kylie and I are going to take the girls ourselves and have some fun on our way back. Claire is a little axious but I think that the week we just spent at camp reminded her how fun it is and got her connected with all of the counsellors. She only goes until Tuesday so I think she will be fine.

Today I need to air out tents and sleeping bags, tackle laundry, do some baking and tend to my very sad and neglected garden.....summer is winding down and it seems now that the rush is on!!!
starting camp set-up Daniel earning his keep by tying the tarp ropes way up in a tree
no problem mom...I'm having fun
and of couse one must have a kitchen staff while camping... it would seem we were it!
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Good morning Miss Bunny Claire not quite sure she is ready to be awake on this drizzly morning...
...of course drinking milk through some licorice always helps
some more early risers
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Sam snoring away on a rainy afternoon this is what happens to a girl who "is not tired" when she lays her little head down
must keep the fire going even in the one must be frozen
fabulous rainy day hair!
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Miss Claire after finally deciding that a raincoat might be an ok idea since it was pouring!!!! Sam after falling off the picnic table for the umpteenth time!
Kieran and Dennis trying to stay dry
Daniel whittling sticks...we now have many such sticks
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the younger three getting into the roasting business great stuff mom

just a wee bit hot!!!
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Daniel taking advantage of the rain on our last night camping to get his hair washed

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Home again, off again...

What a whirlwind! We had a great week at camp. The kids had a ton of fun and actually I rarely saw Daniel. He hung out with the teens and made appearances with them for meals. The other two just entertained themselves with various things so I got to just relax.

We got home late on Friday night, and my fathers wife was still here so we chatted for a bit with plans for an afternoon and evening together the next day. Saturday dawned and I ran out for food, birthday presents and the like pressing to get back and meet Ruth. I dumped all of the stuff into the kitchen, wrapped the gift for Claire's party she was heading to, and then Ruth and I took off for lunch. After lunch we went to Grams and then went out to Peggy's Cove. It was super windy and the weather felt very fall like. I had a headache that was only getting worse so I was not enjoying myself overly. We took Gram back to her place and she made a fabulous supper. He house was so hot that Ruth and I had to keep excusing ourselves for some air. Ruth and I then took off to Dartmouth to finish the last bit of clearing out her aunts house, and the handing over of the keys. I found it very sad to wander through a womans house that I had never met, knowing that she would never be "home" again. When a house is cleared out and you take the time, you can almost feel the memories all around you. I remember when we moved here that the girls who were helping me clean thought we should walk through every room and say good-bye. I had such a hard time with that but agreed it was important. I cried my whole way through.

Today we head out camping with Dennis and Emily. The kids are beyond excited, and are very willing to help get things sorted out in the hopes that we will leave sooner. I have gone over the stash of food many times, afraid that we might starve if I don't have it all. There is always something that I forget! So here we go again....the yard work will wait until we get back!
Claire and Sam at their favorite hangout
chess game Claire and Sam style

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Sandbar soccer
We had a cracking thunderstorm, and wild waves and they made interesting rivers on the beach
clouds that you could almost reach out and touch
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