Wednesday, November 29, 2006

O Christmas Tree...

O Christmas tree, where are you hiding? Aside from Canadian Tire's sad selection of squat little trees, there is nary a tree to be found. Usually at this point there are tree lots all over the city. We prefer to go and cut one down, but now living well over an hour away from the lot, we buy from a gentleman down the road. He doesn't even have his yet. We always decorate it on the first weekend in December, and that would be this one! I am utterly distressed! The corner in the living room is bare and calling out for a tree to grace it.

In other news, Daniel's bedroom is coming along, and the excitement is building. I'm amazed that he hasn't told the others that they are not welcome to cross over the framing. Instead I found them all playing a game in his "room" this afternoon.

Biscotti in the oven, the house is smelling grand, and it even looks as though it might snow although the weather report is calling for rain and highs of sixteen for tomorrow and beyond.

Midnight madness on Saturday night will find my friends and I at the mall, enjoying the frantic pace of looking for a good deal. I'll go with my list and see who I can knock off this time...

Next weekend is the girls getaway, and I am so ready. We are renting a cottage and look forward to just hanging out, eating much, soaking up the heat of the woodstove, some fabulous hiking, and just being together.

Only 26 days left in which to get the shopping done!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Deck The Halls.....

A wretched picture of the house decked for the season... the little cluster of lights in the middle of the living room window are actually the ones on top of the piano. The ones on the roof line are red, not yellow and red as it would seem. The street is becoming alive with colour and although the weather is balmy and rather summer like(I went around in barefeet today), the excitment is building more everyday. Andrea is buried in snow and I am so ready for that here! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 26, 2006

In A Lather...and then some

After much deliberation, "we" have settled on a name for the soap making extravaganza. In A Lather suits perfectly as I am always in a tizzy or "lather". The first craft fair was yesturday and it went very well.

Emily came into the city yesturday afternoon and we hit the mall trying to shorten our christmas shopping lists. As per usual we went to Eastside Marios to grab supper part way through, only to be told that they couldn't make anymore food as they had experienced a kitchen fire. Nuts! Driving home we got into the most ridiculous conversation that had us laughing so hard I was thinking perhaps we should pull over.

The boys finished up this session of swimming, both moving up to the next level. All three start up again in January.

Renos start in our basement tomorrow to make Daniels bedroom....hoping to have it all settled before Mom gets here.

The outside of the house is decked for the season and the inside is underway. The tree goes up next weekend, and then the baking frenzy begins. Karen and I always take a day and go nuts stocking both of our freezers for the onslaughts of visitors.

Here's to the beginning of the fabulous chaos that surrounds this strangly peaceful season. The season of hope and joy!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What would you call yourself...

if you were starting a soap business? This new endeavor is going well except for the name part. So....I am putting a challenge out to all of you to come up with a name. I will send a selection of soaps in a variety of flavours to the person who comes up with the winning name... I would like it to be a fun name, catchy and memorable. How's that for pressure? Anyhoo...have fun with it, and I look forward to your creativity! "Contest" closes on Friday night!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The girls....

The valley girls came into the city today so we could all go to the Designer Craft Show together. We mananged to spend three hours walking around being utterly amazed by the talent displayed at almost every stall. Hooper and I managed to scratch a few people off of our christmas lists, which was a treat in itself. We sampled amazing jellies and liquers, antipastos and marinades. We laughed at pottery lemon juicers that looked rather like distorted male anatomy so hard that I started choking, and was offered a mint by the vendor of said item. We tried on fabulous hats, Karen being the queen of such things, and felted belts, found Hooper the perfect ring, and generally just had a great time all being together. Nancy found the perfect set of iron fireplace tools for a mere six hundred dollars so she felt she had to leave it. There was a gentleman who etched miniscule pictures on pieces of ivory in such intricate detail it was astounding. Blown glass and more metal works, never mind the textiles. A fabulous way to spend an afternoon.

After the show we went for greek food. We ate beyond our fill, enjoying much laughter and planning for our overnight getaway that is only three weeks away. The gift of friends is probably one of the greatest gifts ever and I treasure all of them.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Ramblings....

Well, the weather may be summer like, but the festivities are underway already. Everyday Claire comes home wanting to know if I have done anything else decorating wise. So far just the lights in the windows, which of course she finds so soothing at bedtime.

It's rainy today after I was all excited that it was going to be sunny but we did manage to get out for our trek this morning. It's wonderful to have wooded trails so close to the house that you can just disappear into, meeting friendly people along the way doing just as you are.....enjoying the peacefulness of rushing water and wind in trees.

Andrea is helping me decide on supper and I think I now have it figured out. The kids have swimming so I am alone again as they wanted their father to take them. I was thinking pancakes but I guess I should do better than that seeing as I have all kinds of time to myself. I could get used to this thursday afternoon freedom.

Craig is off in Italy for snowboarding. He had me pick him up early for the airport, and when I got there he told me that he needed me to finish shaving his head. It would never do to go looking as ones normal self. One year he dyed his hair blue. Glad I didn't have to help with that one. The shaving was easy enough.... I was just a little scared.

Karen and Nancy and Hooper are heading in on Saturday so we can go to the Pier 21 art and craft show. We have never been but it is supposed to be quite the event. Early December we head away for our 24 hrs+ of freedom. We have booked a cottage, and are so looking forward to just hanging out.

I am having a challenge coming up with ideas for the kids for christmas. They have asked for things but nothing astounding. Sam wants balloons and bandaids. that I can do but as far as anything else goes I'm rather stumped. Daniel is getting his own bedroom. Big gift, major renos but it's all good. to create a meal, and maybe read a little too.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where has she gone?

Andrea that is! You may notice that Bumbling Bav does not look as she used to. The real Bumbling Bav has taken off to lands of solitude, where she can enjoy life without the pressures of her audience. She wishes you all well, and wants you to know that she is just fine, taking a much needed break for herself. Any thoughts you wish to share with her, feel free to leave here at this post as she will touch base with me occasionally. Cheers!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hodge Podge...

Today is Monday, and Monday brings a visit with Grandmother, groceries with Samea and fun with triplets. Today was no different except for a visit from Karen as she dropped Daniel off after having him in the valley for the weekend. With such visits comes heavy duty emotions. Mine I manage to keep in check as I say good-bye once again to my dear friend, Daniel's are a bit closer to the surface, often erupting as he says farewell to his "brother". The pain in his voice and in his eyes tears me apart everytime. It never seems to get easier...I'm not sure it ever will. Saying good-bye is never easy and sadly in our lives we have to do it often. Loving people hurts sometimes, but I wouldn't trade the gift of time with friends just to avoid the hurt.

We celebrated Gram's 88th birthday on Sunday with a number of her neighborhood friends. The kids were glad to be able to run free playing hide and go seek on her property. She had a fall in the garden just before thanksgiving that none of us except her close friend knew about so she wasn't quite herself as her shoulder is causing her some discomfort. She did however seem to get a kick out of her "Black Eyed Susan" cake....
The kids are back at school tomorrow after four and a half days off so they are all tucked into bed, exhausted from the busyness of the weekend.

The new neighbors across the street put out their Christmas lights yesturday... once again we will have a view of multi-coloured splendour as we gaze out our front windows... Hud sarcastically said to me this morning that it's a shame not everyone has my love for simplicity when I complained about the light show I endured last night as they kept turning them on and off to get them just right. He suggested that I could put garbage bags in the window so as not to be blinded by the rainbow glow!

Anyhoo....that's it for today, laundry beckons yet again. Not that it is any surprise mind you! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Camping?, and then some...

On Thursday night Sam decided that we should go camping. Seeing as it had poured rain in torrents all day I didn't relish the thought of tenting outside. I was able to convince him that bunking down on the familyroom floor would be just as exciting. We grabbed our sleeping bags and hunkered down in them and watched Wallace and Grommet. He only asked to pitch the tent once and then we moved on. Yesturday the kids had the day off school so we took off in summer weather in the morning to grab Daniel new soccer court shoes, get some groceries, grab a birthday gift, etc. We got home in early afternoon, had some lunch and then went for a wee hike with Tracey and her gang. I wasn't outside for two minutes and I was in again for my ski jacket and mittens for the kids. As we got farther down the trail, it seemed even colder, and then we watched as flurries floated down. Summer and winter all in one day...we enjoyed checking out a beaver dam from across the lake, we'll take binoculars next time, finding big sticks in the woods for even better hiking and waving as the police drove by us on their four wheelers. A friend popped out last night and we just hung out drinking the worst wine I have ever had...needless to say, when my glass was done I was finished. No more...the rest can go down the drain!

Today Daniel has soccer, then he is heading to the valley 'til Monday. Claire has a birthday party to go to at the theater, and the rest of us are just going to hang out. Nothing is open so it's a great day to get some stuff done in the garden and inside as well. I guess I'll start putting garlands up this afternoon.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The house is empty....fresh brown bread just came out of the oven, the music is blaring and I am hopping all over the place to Great Big Sea. Too much fun! I almost wish I had someone to dance with. The kids went to Hud's office with him after lunch and won't be back 'til after six. I am never really this alone. I almost don't know what to do!

I just got back from parent teacher interviews. Claire's was the other day and Mr. Mooney says she is a delight and doing really well. She is reading well and has no problems with math, a great sense of humour and a cheerful personality. We were thrilled. Daniel is also excelling , just needing to get a bit more organized. Mrs. MacDonald is thrilled with his personality and his ability to come up with his answers, and his sarcastic attitude which is "never" disrepectful. I'm glad he is in her class as she has high expectations. She usually teaches grade seven so grade five is a different ball game. If anyone can get him organized, it will be her.

The dr called this morning with Claire's blood work results. Everything looks good except her liver enzymes are up. We need to go back in three months and have it checked again. She has not been eating so we went for some help. The dr had ordered the bloodwork to ensure that all systems were working properly, and not being damaged by the lack of nutrition.

Anyhoo....I have alone time, I think I'm going to go have a soak in the tub....


we're drowning.......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

And it's Monday....

I went to MOPS this morning, and we had a great time just talking and sharing....stringing popcorn and cranberries for treats for the birds, and of course eating yummy food. Toblerone bar season is here again....

Connected with a friend over lunch, then headed over for my new adventure. A refugee couple from Ethiopia has just had triplets, and they need some major help. The babes are 8 weeks old, born 8 weeks early so are just now the size of Sam when he was born. 9 lb bundles of fabulousness. Upon arriving, I was greeted by the father, then introduced to the mother, and the babes and another volunteer. The mom passed babe to me and we sent her to bed. Linda and I got them all to sleep then proceeded to put together the most complicated pack and play with a bassinet that I have ever seen. Linda's shift ended far too soon, and I was left to my own devices with the three babes, Mom and Dad snoring away upstairs. It wasn't more than five minutes and all three were awake wanting to be held. I can do two but three is a stretch. Dad came down and marvelled at our success with the bassinet thing, and cuddled babe #1. Mom finally came back down and the procedure for formula making began. Someone had told them not to make it in advance. When babes are hungry times three there is no time to be messing with formula making. Babes fed again, changed again, burped some more and sleeping again when I left. Good times, and I got my baby fix.

Parent teacher interviews tomorrow and Thursday, and I'm looking forward to hearing how the kids are doing. Daniel just brought home a math test with 97%. One of the questions asked him what strategy he used to come up with his answer. His reply was "I'm just smart, I didn't use one!" She wrote"funny" and gave him full marks.... cocky beast he is!

We were supposed to have snow today, and although we had some flurries, we ended up with rain. I really am looking forward to the soft look of snow... curse me if need be but I love the stuff.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

For Craig....

Today is your birthday. It has been a year of change for you, but you have managed to come out stronger and better for it.You are an amazing man who is always willing to share yourself. With me, my kids, and others. You are adored by your niece and nephews, and although they often act like freaks, they are so full of love for you it's ridiculous. Well not really ridiculous but you know what I mean. You add so much to our times together. Always up for piggybacking or cuddling, or being jumped on in the case of Sam. You can even tolerate the dog. He does love you too you realize! Thank you for your willingness to be spontaneous, your willingness to be brave when the neighbour brings over "treats", and your willingness to accept me as I am with ALL of my faults. Thank you for trying my food, even squash, and going back for seconds... thanks for asking about things in my life that you know are hurting me. Thanks for listening when I reply. I could go on forvever, but I just want to say that I am so proud that you are my brother. Thanks for letting me be your sister. I love you more than words can say. I hope this is a stellar day for you! Happy Birthday!
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.

e e cummings

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spring is back....

...the neighbors have crocus', I have a bulb coming up, and the sun is shining!!!!! I shaved my legs to celebrate!!!


As is our tradition, my brother came to take the kids out trick or treating. We managed to laugh down super as we watched the kids in super hyper mode try to sit at the table. Costumes were donned and Daniel left with Hud and his friend before the camera came out. He went as a Ring Wrathe(sp?) from the Lord of the Rings. Claire went as a green faced witch and Sam of course was Bat Man. Craig went as himself... I enjoyed hanging out on the front porch with my tea, watching all of the activity on the road. So many costumes, so many kids(about 200), so many big kids who we made sing. They actually did it and seemed to enjoy it as much as we did hearing them. Then of course began the sorting and trading of treats, and even a little sharing with us as well. Sam and Claire were thrilled to receive new toothbrushes.... Over again for another year, the decorations come down today and soon it will be time to start for the next season...
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