Thursday, January 17, 2008


Head over to Nate's blog and celebrate with them as Tricia is now awake and is being filled in on the goings on of the last weeks. Baby Gwenyth is doing well too with the scan showing no bleed on her wee brain. God is so good!!!


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so thankful to hear this news! I visited Nate's blog through a link from a fellow blogger last week.
The blog buddy of mine has a granddaughter with cystic fibrosis, and I read some of Nate's entries about his dear wife and tiny newborn.
GREAT news!!!!

Tom & Leah said...

AMEN! God is good, I'm so happy to hear everything is starting to look up. Such a relief for everyone, I'm sure.

Evey said...

I was just reading all about these guys on his and her blog. What a blessing that little baby is.