Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Thursday!

More gardening today
Bone Density scan today
Physio in half an hour
Tired children
Still need to pack
livingroom smells so fresh as I washed the curtains and hung them out to dry
Claires bedroom stripped and out on the line
her room will smell as good as the livingroom
Cranky children
no one wants to do homework
I leave in 19 hours and counting
I look forward to the break
I'll worry about my kids
I hope they let me cross the border without a passport
I'm past thriteen and I'm hyper......


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

hey, is this a tt???
i'll link you up and enjoy your break!

Family Of Five said...

You don't need a passport to cross the border.... I don't have a passport all you need is a birth certificate. My kids are super cranky too.... something with the moon?? I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

~Cathy~ said...

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!! From the sound of your day today, you totally deserve it!

Mama B said...

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Shelley said...

I hope you have a super weekend away. ENJOY! The weather's going to be fabulous!

Bumbling Bav said...

Have fun!

Jamie Dawn said...

Enjoy your trip!!
You need the break.
Moms need time for themselves now and then.
Pamper yourself and have a good time.

Evey said...

I hope you have an AWESOME weekend and I look forward to hearing about it:)

Robin said...

Can't wait to hear about your weekend! :)