Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's Wednesday...

Today is World Water Day. Take a moment to appreciate how blessed we are to have free flowing clean water, and consider how much we take it for granted!

Last night was my book club. They read The In-between World of Vikram Lall. I got to about page three. It sounds like a great book, but I didn't sit down to read it until two nights before we were to meet. They had a great discussion, we ate great food, and when the discussion was over, we all tried belly dancing! Each of us in turn had to run for the bathroom as we were laughing so hard that we were wetting ourselves. Next month we are to read The Girl With The Pearl Earring.

The garden is coming to life more everyday,
and I am getting anxious more and more each day wanting to get in and mess around. Today is cold and damp, so I guess I'll stick to laundry and floors..... There is never an end to the jobs!

The kids are settling back into school nicely and it feels good to be in a regular routine again.


Evey said...

I think I need to join a bookclub, I have always wanted to but never knew of any to join.

I am excited spring is here, and if it would stay warm for mor ethan a couple of days I could attempt to get somewhat of a garden going. I am still a rookie so we will see how things turn out.

Alison said...

Evey, check with your local library. I know all of ours here have them and they are all doing different books. The girls that I get together with all are connected in various ways. It's a hodge podge of friends, so you could always start your own and just tell people to bring their friends too. It adds a nice dynamic that way.

Evey said...

where does your mom live?

Evey said...

hey you know what would be easier....msn. lol. you can add me if you want,

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

wow, you've already got flowers blooming. my tulips are just starting to peak through, we had snow flurries overnight, spring ain't happening quite yet.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm doing laundry today too. Four lovely loads.
I washed our bedsheets & Courtney's, but left Taylor's alone. He actually complains when I wash his sheets. He says he likes them dirty. Eeeeew!

Belly dancing. I'd have laughed too. Fun!

Robin said...

The book club sounds like fun. I can just imagine you all trying your hand at bellydancing and then crossing your legs as you run for the bathroom!!! Too funny!!! Glad you had fun! Your garden is coming to life???? My is still dead, dead, dead. I am anxious to get in it though!

Connie and Rob said...

I have never been part of a book club but it sounds like I would really like it.

Your flowers are beautiful.

Take care,

Tee said...

That's hilarious about the bellydancing!

I love how the flowers are poking out of the ground and the trees have buds... Ahhh! Finally! We've made it through another depressing winter. The world goes on. LOL.

(My word verification is cupveel ... LOL.)