Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here to stay?

We have made it back from our camping excursion and I think we are here to stay for a couple of days anyway. We had a great time with Dennis and Emily and their two, spending most of the time in fits of laughter. We had two sites next to each other that were very open, not ideal if you didn''t know the people next to you. We kept the tents separate due to the number of people allowed on one site but we moved our picnic table to theirs so we could manage everything all in one spot. The night Emily and I made chicken fahitas, everyone else was in our tent reading stories etc because of the rain. She and I got so carried away flinging things across the table to one another as we were cooking, speaking in french and just being generally freakish. We managed not to starve anyone and came home with tons of food left over, but I must say that when camping one does eat much more than usual. We had a very tame chipmunk visit us and in fact he climed on Daniel's sandal. Dennis and I went for our cameras but couldn't manage to get them in time. We are hoping to camp again before the season winds up.

Hud is going in to work today to wrap something up and then he will be free again. The buskers are in town until Sunday so we are planning to take the kids downtown tomorrow for the day. It's all set up along the waterfront, lots of things to see, eat and do.

Claire heads to camp on her own this Sunday so Kylie and I are going to take the girls ourselves and have some fun on our way back. Claire is a little axious but I think that the week we just spent at camp reminded her how fun it is and got her connected with all of the counsellors. She only goes until Tuesday so I think she will be fine.

Today I need to air out tents and sleeping bags, tackle laundry, do some baking and tend to my very sad and neglected garden.....summer is winding down and it seems now that the rush is on!!!


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

welcome back!
i just checked out your pics, looks like you had a great time. i love licorice, i'd probably be tempted to eat it and discard the milk;)

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh the campout looks like it was so much fun. I could smell the fire... lol, ok maybe I am burning the kids

When I was younger I would suck my coke up with cherry licorice... HELLO I SHOULD HAVE INVENTED CHERRY COLA!!!

Glad to have you back Alison!

JenMom said...

The camping pictures are awesome! I really do try not to wish away any part of the experience of raising children...but it sure will be fun when my kiddos are old enough for these sorts of adventures!

pumpkinhead said...

I can still smell the campfire every time I wash my hair. It's more than a little bizarre...but then, our firelady's fires were quite ample ;-)