Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Fun....

The Easter bunny found us even though it was a blizzard all night, leaving us treats tied to the front door as well as scattered throughout the house...
Good morning Daniel...glad you are feeling well enough to join us today. Amazing what a cure the promise of chocolate is to a boy who the day before was in bed throwing up with a high fever...nice ribs!
Tasty Easter dinner dessert...

Daniel and Craig trying to trounce each other in the game of Blink. Craig actually beat me at it this time he might not be so lucky!

It was a fabulous afternoon, almost felt like Christmas with the snow piled high outside. We got more snow overnight than any storm all winter. A shame really that it had to come now instead. We had fun in it but it's time to be getting on with gardening, not digging shovels out of the shed. Off now to switch the dishwasher loads, then put on some jammies and curl up with the kids. Once they are tucked into bed, I'll be frantically reading my book for bookclub. We meet Thursday night and I only got the 404 page book on Friday night. I have a long ways to go! A week from Tuesday Daniel and I head to Vancouver for two weeks. I'm looking forward to it but I have never left the kids for that long so I am anxious all at the same time.

Cheers to all of you, hoping that you had as wonderful a weekend as we did!
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Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Easter!!

I can't imagine having snow on Easter.
You made the best of it.

We had chilly weather since a cold front came in the past two days, but by chilly I mean we were in the upper 50's Fahrenheit.

We had a good meal, and enjoyed some chocolate..... of course!!

Your Vancouver trip will be wonderful, I'm sure.
You will probably call your little ones each day, and that will make you feel better.

Jodi said...

Sounds like fun (minus all that snow).

Happy Easter!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

happy easter!!!
throw that kid some food, quick!
actually, my son is like that too.
i think i have the same egg craft on my front door as well, martha stewart?

Kate said...

This is the first time that I checked out your blog here. It was a fun read - great pictures and lovely stories.

It sounds as if you had a lovely Easter!!

Karen said...

Ha, your boy looks a lot like my boy, from the neck down. Chocolate holds no sway with mine, though. He likes the hunt for candy, but then it sits, uneaten, for months. Can you believe that?! Chocolate!

Glad you had a good Easter. We are still getting snow here too. I wish it go away and let us enjoy spring and gardening and all that wonderful stuff.

Hope you have a great time in Vancouver. Who's going to water the seedlings? (I've got 65 now.)

Andie said...

Can't wait to see you.