Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey Dad...

Hud (while stepping out of the shower): Yes Sam?

Sam: Do you like Mom's buns?

Hud: why yes I do!

Sam (grinning from ear to ear with that mischievious grin of his): like Mom's BUTT!

There is plenty of it to like...

Six days and counting...the anxiety level wavers, Karen bring up a good point wondering who will nurture my daylily seedlings, how will Hud manage Claire's hair , will Sam break his neck breakdancing without me to stop him, will I miss the start of new things in my garden...on and on the questions go but at the same time the excitment is mounting, especially when I see Daniel gathering his gear for the flight. The desire to see the mountains up close again, the knowledge of fresh seafood everywhere we go to eat, remembering that there will be so much in bloom, fills me with joy! Discovering Vancouver through my sons eyes will be a real treat and having him alone for that time will be something to treasure as well. He is growing up so fast and the glimpses of my little boy are getting farther and farther apart. This time with him will be a gift, one I won't soon forget.

I also get to meet Andrea, a blogging buddy and we plan on hitting IKEA together. The place won't know what hit it when in walk the frump and the princess...we shall take it by storm. I have quite the list of things to purchase by request and for our own family...good times await.


Kate said...

That was funny ... at 14, my son is worse than ever!!

What a fun time you will have - I love Vancouver. You are so lucky to be going and especially one-on-one with your son. He'll always remember the trip!

Anonymous said...

wow, you're sure making the most of a road trip. i'm sure everyone will (barely) survive (fingers crossed)

Karen said...

No husband for the journey? Wow! And IKEA should be loads of fun! Just think about the good things the journey will bring. The rest of the family (and the seedlings) will survive!

I'm with you on missing the garden though. We have a July vacation planned (the height of daylily season) and I have already lined up a photographer friend to visit my garden daily and take pictures.

Mrs. Darling said...

I love Ikea. Enjoy your trip!

Perri said...

I always wanted to go to Ikea - we don't have any around here.

have a great trip

Matt, Christine, Elijah, Joseph & TBA said...

You have quite the little monkey there! Must be the red in his hair:).

It will be so special for you to have the alone time with Daniel. Take lots of pictures! Have fun at Ikea. Our boys still ask to go there... so many great finds and wonderful deals on everything! Oh, I miss that place:).

Shelley said...

Baby's got back! Shake your groove thang! You will have so much fun, please say hello to Andrea for me. Don't worry about your house...if we see smoke coming out the windows we'll call the Fire Dept. You'll have fun, a great time, and you deserve it! If you want I'll look after your seedlings. You must sign a waiver though if they die in my care though, lol!

Jodi said...

LOL! You have a cheeky one. ;)

You will have so much fun on your trip!

Evey said...

Have such an awesome trip friend. You will have a blast I am sure. I am so excited you get to meet and hang out with Andrea. Wohhoooo

Tee said...

Don't worry and have a great trip. IKEA is awesome :)

Jamie Dawn said...

The frump and the princess?
I am wondering who's who?
SURELY, you are NOT referring to yourself as a frump.
AND SURELY, you are not calling a person you just met a frump.
Must have been a big typo. :)

I think your trip with Daniel is going to be very special and one you will both treasure for many years to come.

Claire's hair will be fine. What's a few tangles?

Sam will survive. What's a broken arm or two?

Hud will miss your buns.

Andie said...

We will have a blast... and hopefully not too lost!

As for the hair issue... lol... that could be funny.

We are both princesses! I am just of the spinny kind.... lol.

Briggins said...

IKEA is a bomb store. They have cool chairs.