Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just a fabulous day!

Daniel and Sam enjoying the "cliffs" at Point Pleasant Park
Hopefully the only "ride" Sam will ever have with a police officer!
Just some jumping fun!
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Jodi said...

I love summer fun! :)

ivey elizabeth said...

great pictures. and yes, hope that's the only ride with the officer he ever gets.

Tee said...

That looks like fun to climb! I need to bring my kids to the park. Thanks for the reminder.

BTW, just wanted to let you know I'm having a blog contest.

The prize this time is a kid's prize pack including 3 computer games.

Good luck if you decide to enter!

Andie said...

So fun! Yes lets hope that is the only ride.

Mine have been jumping off the purple climbing thing by our house lately... oh man I just can't handle it. Oh and then jumping off the swings... my nephew was trying to teach them how to do a back flip off the swing. I just can't look as I wait for the scream!

Jamie Dawn said...

Great pics!
I'm sure Sam was THRILLED to get a ride on a policeman's motorcycle.