Monday, August 13, 2007


Almost two weeks ago I got a call from Hud while helping my friend settle into her new house. He had called to tell me that my grandmother had fallen and broken her hip, and dislocated her shoulder. It had happened the day before but the nursing home overlooked the phone number for the cottage, and when they didn't get anyone at the initial contact persons number they didn't bother to call anyone else in the family. So there poor Grandmother had spent over 24 hours in the emerg and hospital room before any family even knew that she was there. I arrived shortly after my birth mom to find Grandmother in traction. This all the day before we were to head away. Her surgery was scheduled for the next day. I was encouraged to go regardless. After a good visit and much assurance of my return, I left. The surgery went well, her hip repaired, her shoulder relocated or whatever it is they do.

Upon our return, Daniel and I went to see her at the nursing home. She had arrived back there the day previous. She was in her bed, looking so peaceful as she slept. We woke her gently, and listened to her explanation of her fall. My cousin arrived shortly so we said our good-byes. We went again on Sunday, and I went today. I got there before she was finished her breakfast to find her in a wheelchair at the table. She was so uncomfortable it broke my heart. It hurt her to lift her tea cup to her mouth, it hurt her to cough, it hurt when she put her foot down when they wheeled her back to her room and it jarred her hip, it hurt when they took her sweater off. It hurt me to watch her in so much pain. The tears rolled down my face and I had to walk away until they got her into the bed. We visited for a wee bit and then I left her to read her paper. I hate good-byes!
Today Karen and the kids came. It is always fabulous to have the gang here. Daniel is always thrilled to spend time with his "brother". He always hates to say good-bye. More pain! As I type this, he is crying himself to sleep, far ahead of his bedtime. My heart hurts as I listen to him, but my words do nothing to ease his pain.

I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day. We head to PEI to go camping with Rosa and her family. She had her last round of Chemo last week, and although she is tired we are looking forward to a wonderful time together. Her body hurts and her heart is tired but she is so strong!

Not really sure what else to say except that I look forward to a day with no pain....for anyone!


Jodi said...

I am so sorry to hear she is in so much pain. I hope she heals quickly and feels better soon.

Tee said...

Amen {HUGS}

Evey said...

Poor grandma, that is aweful. How is she doing now?

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you enjoyed your time with Rosa and her family. I am glad her chemo is over, and I hope she beats the cancer completely and forever!!!!

How terrible that your grandmother was having so much pain. I hope that by now things have begun to heal enough so that her pain level has diminished.

It's good that Daniel is a sensitive young man. That emotional tenderness will serve him well in life. He will be a loving son, husband, father, and friend as an adult.

Perri said...

I'm so glad Rosa is doing well - all of the pictures look like everyone had a blast.

I hope your grandmother heals quickly.