Saturday, December 08, 2007

busy busy busy...

'Tis the season for crazy days. Hud is away for the weekend in Boston for a football game. He left super early this morning, and of course I couldn't sleep through his prep time. Today has been spent running around trying to get things so I can finish up a few christmas gifts and get them in the mail. Thankfully we have a bit of snow which has occupied the kids nicely. Snowboardning down our "hill", snowball fights with the neighbours over the fence, throwing snow for the dog to catch, all make for well exercised hooligans who should look forward to their beds as much as I am.

I find myself needing to slow down and focus on the season for what it is rather than the busy rush. Time to and out, with a hot cup of tea.

Evey...I hope you don't head to Hud's hotel and boobytrap his room for cheering on the "wrong" team!!!!

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Jamie Dawn said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!!!
I only have one more gift to buy, and then my holiday shopping is finished.
I'm enjoying hearing Christmas music in the stores when I'm shopping and seeing all the decorations around town. It makes me cheery!!
I hope your family has a wonderful holiday season, and that all of you stay healthy during this COLD time of year.
God bless you and your family.
I bet you're making some YUMMY cookies and treats for Christmas. Enjoy!!