Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catching Up....

Sam the "angel". This shot was taken just before the next row of kids came on stage and blocked our view of him completely!
Claire one of many decked out in hats and scarves....rather toasty I should think under the lights!
Sam and Annie enjoying their meal together at a Christmas potluck...do you suppose the boy likes shrimp at all?
Enjoying last weekend's snow. I have not got any pics of this weekend's storm although know that the backyard is considerably deeper even with all of the rain that came after....

It has been a crazy few weeks with concerts and shopping and wrapping and knitting and Hud being away and myself being away, mailing of parcels and picking up of parcels, evenings spent with friends and family...it seems to never end.

Sam has been having a rough go trying to solve problems in an appropriate way. He seems to have knee jerk reactions to things that end up landing him in trouble. We are hoping that this will pass, but our hearts are tired trying to help him cope with frustration. Either way, we are looking forward to some down time starting on Thursday afternoon when we can just enjoy being together, with no schedule to speak of really.

Claire and I have been baking, and stocking the freezer. It would never do not to have tons to snack on during this season!

Daniel is so glad that we seem to be headed for a real winter and is hoping to spend lots of time at the hill. I think he's ready for a break as well...

Here's hoping that the rest of you are enjoying the prep time, and the SNOW!!!!!
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Adam & Andrew said...

I wish it would snow here, today I wore a short sleeve shirt! Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Darling said...

Your little fellow in the play is just so sweet.

Im envious of your snow!