Friday, October 14, 2005

And now we give you ....

Bumbling Bav! AAAHHHH Whooo Hooo AAAHHHH!

**bav steps forward and motions crowd to settle back into their seats**

Thank you friends for such a warm welcome. Today I would like to talk to you about FRIENDSHIP.

** more cheering**

Thank you. I feel so blessed to be here and to speak of such a heart felt topic. You see friendship can be a life saving gift. We all have it in us to give... but do we all not drop the ball for time to time. Do we not get caught up in our own lives forgetting the things others may be going through.

**crowd is very quiet**

Lets start with this new thing called BLOGGING. You see when you go and start up a blog you slowly build friendships. And you may have things happening in your life and the blog gets put to the side. You are then taking your friendships that you were giving through said blog, and leaving you devoted (very beautiful and smart) friends just hanging.

**big gasp from crowd**

I know, I know ... you say you would never do that. But people I am telling you... I have been one of those people myself. Shshshsh, settle down. I know this sounds horrid. And I promise this will have a good outcome. Please stay with me.

You see, I have left my blog. I too have not updated for days. (tearing up) This is so hard to talk about. (wipes nose with sleeve) And I too have let my friendships go stale with no love or attention. But then I got a call. No it was not a burning bush. It was a call from my friend Alison. You will all get to know her in a minute. You see Alison saw that I was letting go. She, being a good friend called me on accountability. And with that call, (deep breath) I saw that the friendships I had planted on my blog had grown and become a park full of life.

Alison gave me friendship and I hope that I too can repay the favor. For Friendship should be given freely so that the garden can continue to grow.

**crowd goes crazy, people are cheering and crying**

People... People... My friend Alison!

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Jodi said...

It is amazing how connected these blogs can make us become isn't it?

I figured Andrea was just busy with life, after all she used to post regularly. I hoped she would return once the chaos in her life slowed somewhat.

And there are those of you who don't post as regularly but we still love you and check in on you daily.

I know I value the friendships I have made through blogging.