Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So .....what's new?

We seem to have settled nicely back into the regular swing of things without really any incident. The kids were back to school yesturday, and Sam to pre-school today. One of his classmates, the son of one of his teachers ,was diagnosed with leukemia over the holidays. He is three. This world is full of such sadness and not so nice turns. I can't imagine being given such news. They say the prognosis is good, but it is a two and a half year long treatment with no way of knowing the outcome until the very end.

We got an e-mail from a friend today telling us that as of last night he and his girlfriend are engaged. Some good news in all of the unpleasant anyway.

The weather is still so unwinterish except the temperature, that playing outside is not so much fun. One can't make snowforts with no snow.

Karen and I are now in the process of planning a trip for spring break. It likely won't be anywhere far afield but will involve a couple nights stay in a hotel. So long as it has a pool that is. Two moms, six kids.....that'll be nothing but chaos but think of the fun.


Cori said...

I think that sounds like so much fun! Order pizza and movies-and not have to make the bed? Ooohhh when are we going?

Jamie Dawn said...

Life does take unexpected turns for good and for bad. It is the power of love that makes the bad turns bearable.

A spring break sounds great! I think the kids will ensure that the trip is not dull.

Bumbling Bav said...

OH that sounds great! All my plans are todo with reno's of the house... new fence, new grass, new treefort, new flooring on livingroom, kitchen, diningroom, hallway and stairs, new tiles on the landing, new counter tops.... oh dear the list goes on and on. Next time I just purchase a home that is done! However our value has already increased.... little comfort while living in renocity!

Miss ya muchly

Connie and Rob said...

A trip really fun and you can say you are doing it just for the kids. Great way to have a silly time. I see pools and horseback riding. Oh and lots of deserts.


Family Of Five said...

I think spring break sounds like a blast... you and your kids will have memories to last a lifetime!

Shelley said...

That does sound like lots of fun! I am so sad to hear about Sam's little friend's diagnosis. A friend of Garret's at school has an older brother who went through that and did very well. So you just never know, it's hard to keep a positive outlook but we will all be praying for the little guy. It IS cold, isn't it?? And gas is up to 1.049 per litre. Sheesh! Small things to worry about in comparison with a serious illness.