Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just a taste....

Emily came and took the kids pics today. These are just a couple of the many we have to choose from. A perfect end to summer. We are off shortly to check out the class lists that will be posted on the cafeteria window, hoping like everyone else that the kids get to be in a class with their friends. The anticipation is overwhelming!
Today while driving, I hear Sam from the back yell out "those are pretty big chest pieces." I look out my window and start to laugh. Daniel then informed him that they were not chess pieces but rather old headstones. Sam was sure that the ones with horses on them really were "chest" pieces, and that they would be really heavy to play with!

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Karen said...

I remember when the first day of school was like that. Only they posted the list on chairs set up outside on the playground.

This year it was, "Hope the bus shows up on time." (It actually did.)

Leslie said...


Beautiful pics of beautiful kids.

Hope they got put into classes with friends they were hoping for!

Shelley said...

Beautiful pics! Posted some from today on my blog, can't wait to see your pics! Are you dried off from the rain yet? LOL!