Tuesday, September 26, 2006

National Right To Know Week...

In honour of this week of the right to know, I have a few things I'd like to know!

~ why would my son think it was ok to rip the cover off his sister's take home reading book from the school?

~ why would my husband who is away and not the one that has to tell the teacher laugh when I told him?

~ why would my daughter who had her hair done nicely for picture day decide to take it out before the pics were taken leaving a kinked mass of blond falling over her shoulders?

~ why do people not keep their word?

~ why can't people be honest about things?

~ and in the words of Andrea , why can't we all just get along?

I have more questions, but they will probably never ever be answered so I am going to save myself the time....


Jodi said...

Husbands always seem to get out of the dirty work don't they?

My kids had strict orders to leave their hair ALONE as the walked out the door for picture day. Let's hope they listened.

Shelley said...

Oh no he didn't rip the cover off Claire's book.....Tsk! Tsk! I think Hud laughing about it was worse than the actual act!

I'd like to know why I'm so darn cranky today. Have an answer for that? Well...DO YA?

LOL! Let's just all get along....breathe in, breathe out....

Karen said...

Hmmm. Well, my son was told to show his teeth when he smiled, so he tensed his neck muscles and grimaced. (This was in the "second chance" photo, after smiling a no-teeth smile in the first one.) All in all, I might take dishevelled hair instead.

Life is chaotic when husbands take trips. He should have known better than to laugh, though. Shelley's got the right idea: take a deep breath, then let it out slooowly...

Anonymous said...

1. i'd talk to him about it, let him actually explain why he thinks it's ok
2. cuz it's funny at first until you realize you have to tell the teacher
3. so you'll have something to show everyone when she's getting married!
4. i don't know
5. it's easier to lie than be truthful
6. i try everyday

Bumbling Bav said...

He was helping her so she would not have to do her homework.... instead of my dog ate the book... MY BROTHER ATE THE BOOK.

Husbands are a special lot.

Can we say RETAKES!

Freedom of choice... should answer the last three.

Why does nothing get done when Mommy is sick?

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm with your Hubby on this one. I laughed too.

I'm glad your tape job was satisfactory to Claire's teacher.

So many questions!!! Not enough answers.

Nutella and brownies... I'm ALL FOR THAT!!!!