Thursday, February 15, 2007

Early morning conversation with Sam...and then some...

Sam: what are you doing mom?

Cutting up meat for stew

Sam: Raw meat?


Sam:What is it?


Sam: No, I mean what animal?


Sam: Is that blood mom?

A little, yes

Sam: Are you putting the blood in the stew?

Well, I guess some is going in

Sam: Why are you putting blood in the stew?

Oh about we talk about something else!

I guess after all that I have lost my appetite for stew and I'll be having a PB&J....

Baby Grace made her appearance yesturday, a healthy wee babe, a fabulous gift for valentines day!

It "stormed" in the night so school was cancelled across the province today. Not anything to play in mind you. Just rain that is now frozen and treacherous. How I long for a huge dump of snow that closes schools and paralyzes the city for a day or two. That's what winter is all about.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you should move here, cuz we've got snow.

Jamie Dawn said...

Mmmmm, Bloody Beef Stew!
That's good home cooking, Alison. :)

Welcome to the world, Baby Grace!!!!

I hope your Valentine's Day was nice.
Yes, I ate some dark chocolate.. OF COURSE.

I won't have a new post up until the weekend. I've been too busy the past few days, and I'm using whatever spare time I have to visit blog buddies.

I hope you get a big dumping of snow for the weekend. Time for a snow man!

Jodi said...

I had to LOL at the blood. I never really thought about it.

Welcome baby Grace! I love that name.

I am ready for some town paralyzing snow too. We just have the cold. -6F for the high today.

Karen said...

Stew is good. It takes more than the ramblings of a child to put me off food (like when my nephew was describing the port-a-potty in great detail over dessert).

Matt, Christine, Elijah, Joseph & TBA said...

I think I'd be having the pb&j too! It's funny how kids minds work. Sam's a thinker:).

Evey said...

bloody stew eh? Yummy! lol

Tee said...

LOL! I like meat, too until I REALLY think about it.