Thursday, February 01, 2007

Random bits...

~I can't believe that it is February!!! The time is flying so very fast, and the garden bug is biting. Hard!

~Rosa is doing well, and was up and around yesterday, not experiencing too much pain and had managed to have a relatively good nights sleep. Thank you to those of you who prayed for her. Please continue to lift her up as she waits for the results of the tissue tests.

~Daniel is back at school today and so far it looks as though he will manage to stay for the day. I sent him back yesterday but he was home within an hour. Claire has not missed a beat, Sam is fine, and although my head feels as though it could blow at any minute, I'm good too. Hud is Hud....fine as always.

~We finally managed to get Claire a piano teacher who lives not too far from us. She doesn't normally take private students before the age of eight but she's willing to give it a go. Claire is thrilled and to be honest so am I.

~ We got a dusting of snow last night and everything looks so very pretty, sparkling in the sun....great for lifting spirits.

~ Sam has managed to pass on some size three clothes in the last couple of days. He must be growing which is such a relief. I have to admit I was beginning to think he would be that size forever. He is going to be five in June and I was worried I would be sending him to school in toddler clothes.

~ I'm in the mood for some serious chocolate... off I go to scavenge..


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

my thoughts are with you for your friend, hopefully her tests results come back with good results.

Shelley said...

I am so glad Rosa is doing a bit better. She sounds like such a fantastic and strong woman. When she leans on the everlasting arms, He will continue to bless and lift Rosa up.

Jodi said...

Oh boy do I have the garden bug! I keep getting those seed catalogs in the mail and I droooooool. I have so many ideas but I still have snow. At least the groundhog is predicting an early spring! Wooohoooo!

Anonymous said...

Sunny sun sun here... but not for long they say.

Praying for Rosa. She must be quite sore.

I have been eating chocolate like crazy... nice little sugar boost I need.


Briggins said...

The chili was very good, thank you very much. It was nice to get some good hot food into the system after running around for 4 hours. Thanks for all the work you put into stuff like that.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hang in there, Daniel, and get well soon.

It sounds like Feb is going full throttle at your house.

Hooray for Claire and her new piano teacher. I hope she does very well and really likes her new teacher.

Sam will grow more in good time. One day, he will be like my son who towers over me. You'll look up into Sam's eyes and say, "I remember when I thought you'd NEVER grow out of toddler clothes!"

I'm sure Rosa has many emotions going through her at this time. Ones of faith and ones of fear and ones of sadness and ones of hope. I know your friendship, love, and prayers will sustain her.
Thanks for sharing her photo and struggle with us and allowing us to send our prayers to heaven on her behalf.

Lori said...

Hey! Is it your birthday? Crap I forgot...Happy Birthday! Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Alison! You are supposed to tell us these things! :)

And you sure are looking good for 56! ;)