Monday, May 07, 2007

Mary Louise and Menen sharing a special moment late one evening....
Dancing queen!
Jane laughing so hard we were afraid we might just lose her over the side of the bunk!
Susan and Kim getting in on the dance action as well!

The weekend was fabulous and although the weather was cold we managed to have a ton of fun. There are more pics that I will put up as I get them, and the video is funny but it didn't pick up the sound so it's not worth putting on here. We stayed up late both friday and saturday night having fun with gymnastics, and pyramid making, jujube fights, plinko in a fashion never before experienced...etc....There were ten of us in our cabin, and the second night another eight or so came to ours to get in on the festivities. We are the Grace girls after all. They were stunned the next day when our cabin sang the blessing in a very soft and gentle way. Tyhey wondered what happened to us! We are a bunch of freaks and it just wouldn't do for us to be any other way. The food was incredible, the speaker phenominal, and the time spent with friends incredible. I can't wait 'til next year when we have the task of being Saturday night entertainment for all of the woman, not just those who dare to venture to our cabin....they won't know what hit them!!!!
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Andie said...

LOL... looks like a wonderful group of ladies.

We are going to camp the long weekend!!!! I can't wait... rock climbing... eating and not cleaning... and fun with friends!

Perri said...

I could always email you the modified words to the "I feel pretty" song that Andi, Vicki and I sang for our ladies' meeting. It was quite entertaining - to say the least.

Check out the pictures and let me know. and

Anonymous said...

Finally some pictures to put with the crazy stories I hear. :)

I love the picture of Menen dancing on her own. She's so cute!

Jamie Dawn said...

Looks like loads of FUN!!!