Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sam and his beloved "Kitten" And yes Karen, this boy sleeps in his boxers as well! He is also in need of a haircut but he so wishes to be like Daniel...
His new discovery...tree climbing. If he only does it when I am there, it's all good. Otherwise I will lose it...I'm thinking a helmet might not be a bad idea, although it wouldn't keep him from breaking his neck. Hudson is appalled that I let him do it!
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Karen said...

Heehee, boxers. People are going to think I have some weird fetish (or if I'm lucky, they'll think you mean your other friend Karen). But hey, how many places can you get information about what other people's kids sleep in? I'd be freaking out about the tree-climbing too. And as for haircuts... I can't get my son to grow his hair past a quarter-inch long through the summer. He looks better with longer hair but he complains his head gets too hot.