Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home again....

Our weekend started out like any of our other weekends, with the exception of Yolanda coming late. She came bearing margarita mix, and champagne...we had much to celebrate as she and Paul had gotten engaged the night before. There was much shrieking and many happy tears when they arrived and we discovered what had transpired. Some of you may remember that two and a half years ago I mentioned a man in our church who had lost his wife suddenly. This past spring he and Yolanda started a beautiful friendship and now they are getting married. All of their girls are thrilled, and we are so happy for all of them. Some of us have had this couple on our hearts for a long time, and it is soooo wonderful to see how it has all worked together... Our getaway turned into a celebration, one I was so happy to be part of.
Beautiful Yolanda with our champagne that we didn't get into until breakfast this morning!
Good morning sunshine.....Paul came to pick her up this morning so they could share the news at church together...Emma is Paul's daughter...doesn't she looked thrilled?!?
Paul does not wear pink himself...just so you know....
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Anonymous said...

i think the pink does work for him, maybe something to consider for the wedding?
congrats to your friends.

Jamie Dawn said...

Lots going on here lately!!
Pork fat, scrunchies???, Screech???, fried bologna, fish cakes...
Food, food, and more food!
It's Thanksgiving here tomorrow, so food will be plentiful.
Rev. JD says that gluttony is not a sin on holidays.

Congrats to Yolanda & Paul!!!!!