Monday, February 13, 2006

Nothing much....

Things are pretty mellow here after the weekend away. Spent some time with grandmother this afternoon. She was angry with me because she thought I was keeping her daughter from coming in to see her. She was sure she had seen her pass by in the hall. She gave me a good tongue lashing, and so the nurse changed the subject and convinced her to let her wash her hair. She made the nurse understand in no uncertain terms that she was not to cut the hair, only wash it, and for heavens sake, she mustn't get the pillow wet. Grandmother fell asleep during the hairwashing and I slipped out.

Hud is out tonight same as every monday night for floor hockey. I think I'm going to tuck the kids in early and head to the tub with my new book. Perhaps I will relax so much myself I'll fall asleep in the tub and wake up frozen solid!


Bumbling Bav said...

Enjoy the tub!

Loved all the pictures... they are beautiful!

Evey said...

Enjoy your evening.

Please dont wake up frozen in the tub...although that would definitly make for some entertainment for the paramedics if they had to be called to help you thaw out lol

Jamie Dawn said...

I wonder if your grandmother would be angry if she woke up bald headed?
A nice, hot bath is such a relaxing pleasure.
Light some candles & enjoy!

Jodi said...

We went through this with my mom this summer and I know how hard it is. Sending (((BIG HUGS))) to you.

Enjoy the tub.