Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about ALISON

1) The storm is over
2) I moved the van today only to find another driveway worth of snow underneath
3) While driving Hubby to work noticed the van started shaking
4) Perhaps there is too much snow stuck in around stuff and it's causing problems
5) I hope it's better tomorrow as I am supposed to drive to the valley for a visit because the kids have no school
6) We finally got snow so we were set to hit Martock this weekend but it is supposed to rain on Saturday
7) Sam is snoring away on the couch so I need to get the neighbor to watch for Claire after school
8) I have no idea what to cook for supper
9) Daniel has an orthodontist appointment this afternoon
10) I have looked into going back to school but it's a little scary
11) I'm not sure I could juggle the house, kids and school
12) I miss my best friend desperately
13) I'm heading to book club tonight

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Better Safe Than Sorry

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Leslie said...

Good list. Have fun in the snow! I hear you about the school thing.

My TT link:

Tee said...

We have #8 and #10 in common. :)

Karen said...

Speaking as a woman who just completed college after ten years, I hope you go! It's a lot of work, especially with a family, but very worth it.

Good luck!

Mine list is up

Mama B said...

Great list!!! Aren't you glad the storm is over?!

Family Of Five said...

I too miss my best friend! Where has your friend gone?

daniel/son said...

Mom why did you write about dads surdry I cant under stand why anybody would write about surdry even if somone was in there perfect mind but therteen times crazer than.......If that person was at half mind they still wouldent write such a thing about such a perfect person espiescally there husband but to me it seems wierd to even think about writing about somone else at such a painful time for that kind and nice person!!! were you joking when you wrote that or were you reviling secrets about our spiecal family?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

we still haven't gotten any snow, maybe next week. it's very strange.
and thursday nights are pizza nights here, that's the best suggestion i can offer.
i'm playing this week too!

Cori said...

What are you reading in book club? be careful driving that van tomorrow!

Beanhead said...

Going to school is not easy when you are juggling a family and a home but it is so worth it!!!

Family Of Five said...

I don't think talking about 'the surgery' is revealing any family secrets... surgery is a very common thing that many, many adults go through after having children.... sharing when going through it offers a chance for support, advice, and others to share similar stories because it can be a really difficult thing for many parents to go through... a chapter of life closed and it's nice to hear from others that they made it through it! It is in no way intended to mock or disrespect the man.... it's just a hard thing for mommies to go through... knowing that there for sure will never be any more babies!! (I for one haven't been able to bring myself to that point yet of making it permenent... but I know when the time comes I will blog about it and require the support of those who have already been through it)

Family Of Five said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i just read andrea wishing allison a happy birthday, is that you???
if so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, if not, ummm, maybe you could just delete this comment.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

oops, i just spelt your name wrong, so maybe you can fix that up, cuz i don't know how, sorry.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hope your weekend was a goodie!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

13 great things there, Alison!