Sunday, May 28, 2006

Here We Go Again....

I'm home, rested, and gearing up to start another week.

The time away with the girls was grand. We had a great room at the Cambridge Suites. We spent lots of time in the hot tub and on the roof overlooking Halifax. The weather was pretty good so we were able to walk most everywhere we decided to go. Friday night we had Ethiopian food and it was amazing. We then went for dessert at the Fireside, enjoying some great drinks and wonderful cheesecake and the like.

After getting back to the hotel we went up to the roof again, but this time in our jammies. Yes, we did entertain some other guests with our attire but oh well....After finally settling into our room for the night, we got a movie, oredered pizza and had a couple of drinks. Then of course we had to watch some lame TV during which time I fell asleep. I woke to Karen telling me it was time for bed, I said ok, and rolled over. Lights out and a minute later Karen pipes up that we are on the wrong sides of the bed. We switched and slept 'til just before seven. Upon waking we went again to the hot tub, this time with blue face masks on. Classy rather! Showers and breakfast came next, and then our day of walking around market and downtown began. The sun came out a few times, and it got rather humid. That said, we needed to keep breaking from our shopping for tea/coffee breaks. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the art gallery, and then more snacks while deciding where to go for supper. We settled on Japanese, so off we went to the Milamodo restaurant. Fabulous food once again. Then of course it was time for me to get dropped off so the rest of the girls could head back to the valley. They did come in for coffee and ice-cream before they left, but I still find it hard even now to say good-bye to them.

Tomorrow my birth father arrives for three weeks, so Daniel and I will head to the airport to collect him. Claire's birthday is next weekend and her party is on Saturday so I need to get busy picking up the last bits of things. She is having a tea party on Saturday and then a family supper on Sunday. Good times all around.

Off to feed the troops, then put my feet up as I look to the week ahead.


Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you are enoying your birth father's visit. How wonderful!
Your trip with the girls sounds like such fun. I like the blue masks at the hot tub part. It takes WORK for us ladies to try and stay beeeeeauuuutiful! :)
All that good food sounds good too.
I'm glad you had a great time.

Karen said...

Oh man, that sounds like so much fun! By the way, we stayed at the Cambridge Suites when we visited Halifax a few years ago.

Perri said...

What fun. I love a weekend away with the girls. It makes everything right with the world for awhile.

Patricia said...

sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. nothing like getting away to recharge the batteries and just have fun.

Evey said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful visit. I assume that means you wont be around much. I will miss you but I will survive:)

Bumbling Bav said...

ah sounds like a grand adventure!

Enjoy the visit with your Father.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

wow, you are in for a very busy week!

Tee said...

Lucky duck! What great fun. Tell me more about Ethiopian food?! That sounds SOOO interesting!

PS - The photo of you and the baby down below is precious. He is BEAUTIFUL!