Sunday, June 18, 2006


What were you doing at that hour? I was sleeping soundly when I was awoken by someone hollering "DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!" and then much laughter as another body I'm assuming cannonballed into the pool a few doors down from us. I had woken a few times in the night to loud laughing and talking and just assumed it was my neighbor and friends enjoying their bon-fire. I'm now thinking the people down the way had been partying all night. After much laughter and loud exclamations they went back in their house and the sound became muffled but still audible. I wouldn't want to be right next door.

Today is fathers day, and we are going to Grams place for the afternoon, where the kids will enjoy the vast space in which to run. I will enjoy not preparing any meals today, and Hud will enjoy the ribs and various other treats Gram and her friend will have made. It promises to be a great day weather wise, making our last few days with my father even better.

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