Thursday, June 15, 2006


We have twenty five people coming for a BBQ tonight for the graduating youth. We are now under a heavy rain and windfall warning. Neither is condusive to good BBQ-ing..... This was the only night that worked for everyone. So I now have the pork loin that was to be made into kabobs and the chicken breasts that were to be marinated, in great quantity in my fridge. My mind is racing to come up with a menu change that will accomodate all of the food. It seems a lot more than we need since we will not be cooking outside. My oven is just not big enough and I still have bread and dessert to make as well. It also means that everyone will be inside....look out kids...crazy mom coming through!!! Let the cleaning party begin!

That also means that we won't be having a bon-fire. That was to be half the fun. I guess now we will have to come up with some games? to get things moving.....


Perri said...

Allison - do you have a patio or carport - anything covered that the grill could be moved under and still do the cooking outside?

Jamie Dawn said...

Calm down, and listen to your friend, JD.
1. Let the youth eat raw meat.
2. Build the bonfire in your family room using your dining room table and chairs.
3. When you get tired of the youth being in your house, tell them to go run around the block in the rain.
4. Lock the doors and turn off all the lights while they are out running.
5. Take a sleeping pill and go to bed.

Little Brother said...

Good luck Sis! I know id be insane with that many people around. Just remember where you put the booze!