Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Rainy Saturday...

We have had some great weather as of late so we really can't complain, but I do wish that the weekends could be nice so we could go do something fun outside. It's raining buckets, and the house is cozy, the kids are happy, I got to talk to my sister, teach a neighbor how to cast on for knitting, etc, but it seems rather blah...I'm thinking I need another cup of tea.

The yard sale was a 13 dollar success!!! Daniel interjecting here. I couldn't believe they went ahead with it, but they did. I was so mad when I got home and saw all the stuff in the yard, lots of rain, and no customers....Hud did clean it all up though which made me feel a little better.

I have started a gardening blog , designed by Jodi , not full of advice as I have none to give, but rather a place for me to keep track of the creation of my space. I am quickly running out of room, and am working on going vertical.... It's nice to get other people's opinions and solutions to problems. I have decided since starting Gardening In My Jammies, that I quite enjoy capturing the amazing details of the flowers on camera. The colours are stunning, the detail in each bud is exquisite. I'm thinking garden photography might need to be my new hobby.

The kids finish school for the summer on friday and then we are free to frolick wherever we wish. Daniel goes to camp in a couple of weeks, so I need to start getting him organized for that. He runs in the Hbc run for Canada on July first, so he is getting excited. His friend is running with him this time which he is also happy about.

Well, off to have my tea, and then tackle the pile of laundry that needs folding and putting away.


Anonymous said...

our day here was a perfect summer day, for a change. i'll go and check out your new gardening blog!

Margie said...

Your gardening blog had a bunch of HTML at the top and the pictures were all over the place... maybe just my computer?

Jodi said...

I wish the rain would stop here too. This morning it was 80 and sunny. Then suddenly in about 2 minutes a HUGE storm blew in and rain is the order for the rest of the day.

I went and checked out your blog again. I love all the flower pics too. I am soooo jealous of your garden. I will get to mine sometime this summer. Life usually slows down in mid-July. I hope. When I went to look at your blog it was a tad funny (code all at the top) if that isn't just a blogger hiccup, let me know and I can fix it for ya.

Jamie Dawn said...

Sounds like a great new hobby. Growing a lovely garden, then capturing the beauty of it on film.
We had a torrential downpour here this afternoon.
They call them gullywashers here in AR.
It rained furiously for about fifteen minutes, then passed on over. That happens a lot here.
We don't usually get long, rainy days.
Storms come through and pass over quickly.

Enjoy your weekend... even if it is a wet one.