Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What would you call yourself...

if you were starting a soap business? This new endeavor is going well except for the name part. So....I am putting a challenge out to all of you to come up with a name. I will send a selection of soaps in a variety of flavours to the person who comes up with the winning name... I would like it to be a fun name, catchy and memorable. How's that for pressure? Anyhoo...have fun with it, and I look forward to your creativity! "Contest" closes on Friday night!


Karen said...

Is it fair to ask for a bit more information? I'd like to know a bit more about the type of soap, who you think will buy it, where/how it will be sold, etc.

Also, do you want the submissions emailed, and are we allowed to submit more than one?

Alison said...

The soap is natural homemade soap in a wide variety of scents. Some are warm and comforting like oatmeal loaf, and almond coffeebean swirl. Others are crisp and refreshing like lemon poppy seed, grapefruit, and cranberry cornmeal. i'm hoping awide range of people will purchase it. For now it is being sold at craft fairs, and through orders at home. it will either be sold simply wrapped or specially done based on request.

Sumissions can be e-mailed or just posted hre, and you can enter as many times as you like.

Karen, perhaps you would like the job of business manager.....

Shelley said...

How about

Slice of Heaven? But who knows - people might think you're in a different profession entirely. LOL!

Sistah Sud?

Sugar Maple Suds?


pumpkinhead said...

splish splash soap stash

bar none

and the stolen 'Soap Shanty' :)

pumpkinhead said...


Evey said...

I am going to need a few days to come up with something fun.

Anonymous said...

Here are our families contributions
* "Soap" pleased to meet you
* Rub-a-dub-dub
* Show and smell
* Yours fragrantly,
* Soapretty
* The Sudsy lady

Jodi said...

I will have to think on this one....

pumpkinhead said...

Smelly Soap

Reggae Rubber Duck Soap


Alison's Awesome Soap

Trenholm Tree Soap

Trenholm's Tremendously Terrific...Soap

(I like SoaPretty)

Briggins said...

Soap Dude
Sapo Soap (Sapo is Latin for soap)
Simply Satisfying Soap
Soap Opera without the Opera
Soapy Satisfaction
Sentimental Soap for the Soul
Soap for the Soul (Julia helped on that one)

more to come i'm sure

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i think your name should be on it. let's see, alison's aromas? no, that's more a candle thing. i don't know, i don't work well under pressure.

Anonymous said...

Soap Solutions
Soap Shack
Bubbley By Nature
Bubbling Bars
The Nature Bar
Opals Soap (just changed the letters around to ger Opals)
Sam's Soaps
Soap Scoops


Leslie said...

Ooh I've got one....

"Blissful Bubbles"

Anonymous said...

"Good Clean Fun"


carol said...

Oh, I like Leslie's idea - "Blissful Bubbles" !
I'd buy that!

Alison said...

I have received a few by phone and e-mail so I will add these for your perusal...

Scentuous Soaps~Lori

All Washed Up
Clean Freak
Simply Suds
The Bath House~ the above being from one of the valley girls, Karen...

In doing this I have been googling (if that is a word) the suggestions as I don't want to take someone elses name and so I have to let go the Bath House, Soap Shack, Good Clean Fun,Soap Shanty,Soapretty....and I'm still checking!

Shelley said...

How about...

Instead of Sir-Mix-A-Lot for us 80s chicks,

"Ms. Sudz-A-Lot"



Tee said...

A soap business! How fun! I hope the venture is successful.

Here's my ideas for the name:

1. Squeaky Clean
2. La Maison de Savon
3. So Good Soap
4. Donc le Bon Savon

I used a free translator for the French ones. I don't speak French but it always makes things sound so fancy and you're in Canada. Do you live an area where they speak French much? Not that it matters. If you don't speak it, #2 is supposed to say "The House of Soap" and #4 is "So Good Soap" in French.

The "flavors" sound heavenly. I'd be afraid I might try a bite. LOL.

Anonymous said...


How about these?

"Fragrant Musings"

"Lingering Scents"

"Allison's Scentsual Delights" - sensual - correct spelling but thought maybe you could play on words

"Scents From My Garden"

"Nature's Blessings"

That's all for now.


Karen said...

Ha! I knew that course in running my own business would come in handy. Thanks HRDC! (I'll think up some names before Friday -- lots of good ones here already.)

Alison said...

Valley Karen adds a few more with Lathering Lady, and All In A Lather...