Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Ramblings....

Well, the weather may be summer like, but the festivities are underway already. Everyday Claire comes home wanting to know if I have done anything else decorating wise. So far just the lights in the windows, which of course she finds so soothing at bedtime.

It's rainy today after I was all excited that it was going to be sunny but we did manage to get out for our trek this morning. It's wonderful to have wooded trails so close to the house that you can just disappear into, meeting friendly people along the way doing just as you are.....enjoying the peacefulness of rushing water and wind in trees.

Andrea is helping me decide on supper and I think I now have it figured out. The kids have swimming so I am alone again as they wanted their father to take them. I was thinking pancakes but I guess I should do better than that seeing as I have all kinds of time to myself. I could get used to this thursday afternoon freedom.

Craig is off in Italy for snowboarding. He had me pick him up early for the airport, and when I got there he told me that he needed me to finish shaving his head. It would never do to go looking as ones normal self. One year he dyed his hair blue. Glad I didn't have to help with that one. The shaving was easy enough.... I was just a little scared.

Karen and Nancy and Hooper are heading in on Saturday so we can go to the Pier 21 art and craft show. We have never been but it is supposed to be quite the event. Early December we head away for our 24 hrs+ of freedom. We have booked a cottage, and are so looking forward to just hanging out.

I am having a challenge coming up with ideas for the kids for christmas. They have asked for things but nothing astounding. Sam wants balloons and bandaids. that I can do but as far as anything else goes I'm rather stumped. Daniel is getting his own bedroom. Big gift, major renos but it's all good. to create a meal, and maybe read a little too.


Anonymous said...

Now see that was very interesting! We have wooded trail right by our house too! OH and I love going and walking along our river... remember I called it the Poop Trail...

Good luck with the dinner. I still think you need to try the sloppy Joe skillet... easy and only one dish! Hello, clean up was a breeze!

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I love Sam's wish list for Christmas! It put a big smile on my face. What else would a four year old ask for:)?

I hope you enjoyed your time to your self.


Anonymous said...

i'm having list issues myself and i always make the kids pancakes for breakfast every thursday morning, so i think it's a good choice. i put chipits in theirs!

Anonymous said...

Balloons and bandaids. That is priceless. What a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

That last one was me-Lori