Wednesday, November 29, 2006

O Christmas Tree...

O Christmas tree, where are you hiding? Aside from Canadian Tire's sad selection of squat little trees, there is nary a tree to be found. Usually at this point there are tree lots all over the city. We prefer to go and cut one down, but now living well over an hour away from the lot, we buy from a gentleman down the road. He doesn't even have his yet. We always decorate it on the first weekend in December, and that would be this one! I am utterly distressed! The corner in the living room is bare and calling out for a tree to grace it.

In other news, Daniel's bedroom is coming along, and the excitement is building. I'm amazed that he hasn't told the others that they are not welcome to cross over the framing. Instead I found them all playing a game in his "room" this afternoon.

Biscotti in the oven, the house is smelling grand, and it even looks as though it might snow although the weather report is calling for rain and highs of sixteen for tomorrow and beyond.

Midnight madness on Saturday night will find my friends and I at the mall, enjoying the frantic pace of looking for a good deal. I'll go with my list and see who I can knock off this time...

Next weekend is the girls getaway, and I am so ready. We are renting a cottage and look forward to just hanging out, eating much, soaking up the heat of the woodstove, some fabulous hiking, and just being together.

Only 26 days left in which to get the shopping done!


Anonymous said...

Oh Al it just makes me sick that there are only 26 days left. I am normally done by this time of year... this time I have hardly started.

We are cutting down our tree this weekend!

The kids went to school today... however hubby was home. NO work = No money! This is where FAITH IS GONNA COME IN HANDY!


Anonymous said...

what, you're baking biscotti!!!!
i was surprised at how easy it actually was, thanks for the link, i'm going to try a few recipes from there as well, hope i don't run out of flour.

Jodi said...

We have a fake tree so I just have to get it out of the box. he he he

Your remodel is going quickly! We are hoping to get to work on ours this weekend.

Biscotti! Girl! I am coming to live with you. Yummy!

Karen said...

Hey, I was just reading about biscotti on BSTS's blog. (I'm a bit behind, seeing how busy I was yesterday.) You sure seem to go away with the girls a lot. It sounds like so much fun. I think I am a tad envious!

Evey said...

We are thinking of cutting our tree at a farm this year. perhaps this weekend.