Sunday, November 26, 2006

In A Lather...and then some

After much deliberation, "we" have settled on a name for the soap making extravaganza. In A Lather suits perfectly as I am always in a tizzy or "lather". The first craft fair was yesturday and it went very well.

Emily came into the city yesturday afternoon and we hit the mall trying to shorten our christmas shopping lists. As per usual we went to Eastside Marios to grab supper part way through, only to be told that they couldn't make anymore food as they had experienced a kitchen fire. Nuts! Driving home we got into the most ridiculous conversation that had us laughing so hard I was thinking perhaps we should pull over.

The boys finished up this session of swimming, both moving up to the next level. All three start up again in January.

Renos start in our basement tomorrow to make Daniels bedroom....hoping to have it all settled before Mom gets here.

The outside of the house is decked for the season and the inside is underway. The tree goes up next weekend, and then the baking frenzy begins. Karen and I always take a day and go nuts stocking both of our freezers for the onslaughts of visitors.

Here's to the beginning of the fabulous chaos that surrounds this strangly peaceful season. The season of hope and joy!


Lori said...

Glad your first craft show went well!
Sounds like such fun. Woo hoo. Enjoy the rush that comes with it.
Love the name-very fitting.

Matt, Christine, Elijah, Joseph & TBA said...

I love the's perfect! You certainly sound on the ball with all of your Christmas preparations, I can't even begin to think about baking and decorating for a couple of more weeks...till we're settled.

Congrats to Daniel and Sam on their new badges.

I have been craving East Side Marios for some time now, so I'm disappointed to read that it was out of commission. Better luck next time!

Dave said...

Great name alison. "In A Lather" that is quite catchy. You should add the "and then some part" it would sound even more catchy. Think of it "In A Lather and the some" that sounds like a dynamite name.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i like that name!
we're putting our tree up next weekend and i've been stocking up on the baking supplies, i am hoping to finish my christmas shopping before i tackle the baking.

Evey said...

LOVE the name. I forgot to send u my idea.. oops! Sounds like you sold some goods. Fun times.

Did you ever get the email I sent you last week or so?

Michelle said...

I love the name!!! Glad to hear the craft show went well.