Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thank you Brian, and Emily, and Karen...

Daniel's room is finished and he is moved in as of last friday. To say that the boy is thrilled would be a huge understatment. He has a space to call his own, a retreat of sorts and everyone so far respects it, even the dog. I thought we might have a problem with him wanting to sleep on Daniel's bed but he nuzzles his hand for a minute or two then heads out to the family room again. It has changed our family dynamic already and it's really neat to see what a litle independance can do for ones spirits! We could not have done the project without the help of Brian, who came out day after day to deal with pre-existing messed up electrical issues, and everything else that goes along with building a wall. His patience with Sam who loves to "help" and the dog who needs to stick close, and me who would always call him for lunch as he was in the middle of something was astounding!

Claire's concert was last week and Hudson was unable to attend. My brother stepped in and came with me which was fabulous for both me and Claire. She was so pleased to have uncle there. On our way to the school, as we approached a corner, a car came whipping around it without stopping at the stop sign. She stopped dead in front of us, putting her hands up in the air. I was frozen, a deer in the headlights so to speak, Craig said he was ready to grab little miss and run. She just had to have been a foot closer and we would have been hit for sure.

Karen was here this past weekend with the kids to do our annual christmas baking marathon. Fruitcake and biscotti, shortbreads, and dateballs, mint swirled cheesecakes, triple chocolate quick bread...on and on we baked. Thanks for being willing to keep the tradition alive!

Sunday afternoon some of the youth group girls came over to do some christmas baking for people in our church who are no longer able to do it for themselves, or who live alone, or who have had a hard year. One of the youth leaders came and one of the moms stayed with her other kids whose ages are close to my kids. It was a fabulous time, and with Colleen and Tayitu, we got more done than expected, in a shorter period of time.

On Sunday afternoon I had a sore throat. By bedtime I was feeling pretty gross. In the wee hours of the morning I woke up feeling feverish. Monday I spent the day in bed, shaking, high temp, horrid pain etc etc... Thankfully it was Hud's day off so I could forget about everything and just rest. Tuesday I felt no better but Hud had to go back to work. Sam played upstairs for the most part but at one point he wanted a movie on so downstairs we crawled to get him settled and back to bed I went. Eventually it was lunch time, and so I crawled back down the stairs and made Sam some lunch and peeled myself an orange. Sam ran next door to borrow a thermometer as ours is not working, and Tracey came back with him. She talked to me for a few minutes, telling me how fabulous I looked... I managed to gag down the orange while enjoying the adult company, ensuring her that I would bathe before my trip to the doctor. I just had to wait for Hud as I was afraid that I might fall getting in and out of the tub. My temp registered in at 103.1 degrees. Plenty high and it explained my heart racing and the shivering. My birth mom checked in on me a couple of times by phone promising help if needed, advising me to gargle with salt water which I didn't do until just a minute ago when she reminded me again how helpful it really is. The doctor was not my regular and I hope I don't see her again. She missed the swollen gland on the side of my neck that you can actually see without touching, and she thinks I have a sinus infection not strept throat. That would be fine if I actually had the symptoms of a sinus infection.... Anyhow, I am now on antibiotics and am up out of bed today slowly getting the house back to normal before mom arrives tomorrow for Christmas. Must get rid of the germs!!! To top all that off I had a call yesturday from the kids friends mom to let me know that their daughter has lice so all of our heads should be checked as she was just here and all of our beds should be cleaned. Hud did head checks last night, and we are all clear! Thank heavens! Emily arrived today from the valley with a container of the best and most flavourful homemade chicken soup I have ever tasted. It was incredible!!! The best food I have tasted in days!

All of these things are fabulous reminders that kind and generous spirits are what keep us going in the good times and bad and I am so very glad to have such wonderful people in my life that I can count on in any situation. I couldn't survive without you! Not any of you!


Andie said...

The room looks great! How great for you son.

I am glad you are doing better!

pumpkinhead said...

You know I love you, right? Bunches!