Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My crazy underwear and pj clad boys celebrating the fact that the oldest two got their snow day. What better way to enjoy it than start wrestling before they even managed to have breakfast!

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Matt, Christine, Elijah, Joseph & TBA said...

Those are sweet pictures-from the last three or so posts! Sam, especially, looks so thrilled with the snow. Too cute!

Glad you're enjoying the snow. Our boys both have the stomach flu, again! We just had about 15cms last night, but will have to wait to enjoy it.

Philosophical Karen said...

Pardon Daniel for the personal question, but is that his sleepwear? My son is Daniel's age and gave up PJs at the age of about 7. He will now sleep in only boxers or briefs. It's okay by me -- but I don't really like it for sleepovers. (I bought him a special pair of fancy boxers for that. And I'm trying to enforce the "wear a robe in the morning" rule!)

Alison said...

Yes indeed Karen, that would be Daniel's sleepwear. He will occasionally wear pj pants (sleepovers get those)but prefers underwear. Boxers or boxer briefs as seen in the picture. He has not been wearing pjs for years himself. However, Hud's step mom keeps sending him pj's for christmas. It's the standard grandkid gift from them.

Sam prefers underwear at bedtime too but in the winter I try to convince him to stick with the jammies as he is less likely to get cold and climb in with us. Noticxe he is only wearing the bottoms.