Saturday, January 20, 2007

Swimming Lessons...

Nothing too exciting, just some pics of the kids. Sam and Claire have the same teacher just half an hour apart, Daniel had no pics taken as he was swimming lengths. Hard to capture in the midst of flailing arms and splashing legs. Claire used to be terrified of the water so lessons didn't go all that well. Spending the last two summers in the neighbors pool has eased her mind and she's now ready to give it a go again. I'm happy her fear has been alleviated.

Sam tried to swim by himself last week when the teacher was out of reach with another child and Sam started going down, down, down. Myself and some other parents stood up, me just saying Sam over and over, ready to haul him out if need be. She must have heard me, and seen the others as she whipped around and made a dash pulling him up and out. He was fine of course, and now has a bit of respect for the water. He might even have a little fear, something I never thought he would have about anything. Then again, he isn't big on the dark... He then managed to jump so far off the diving board that instead of landing in front of the teacher enabling her to catch him, he landed right on her face pushing her under as well. Not once but twice!!!

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