Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I awoke this morning to a white world again. I spent the afternoon yesturday rejoicing at the tulips bursting up from the soil all over the gardens, removing the boughs and cutting dead stalks. I guess I was a wee bit premature in my excitment as it would seem that winter is back. Blowing snow, treacherous roads, accidents all over the city. A good day to hunker down inside, planting more seeds, caring for the things already growing, baking, reading with Sam, and more. Spring will come for real in time, and when it does I ill be so very thankful!

on another note, I read a book this weekend by Cassandra Danz. She will be remembered as Mrs. Greenthumbs. As I was reading this book, I felt as though I were having a conversation with a friend. Not your typical garden book. I laughed through most of it, feeling as though she were right there with me, she being able to express my feelings better than I ever could. Her excitment over new growth and new plants, good compost etc mirrored my own. Sure I had made a new friend, I looked her up online and was very sad to learn that she had died in 2002 after a long fight with breast cancer.

So here's to the continuation of dreaming of days in the garden, celebrating new life regardless of the weather!
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Lori said...

You will enjoy spring all the more now that you have had to wait sooo long for it. Keep cultivating those buds inside. You are doing a fine fine job!

Jodi said...

Ohhhhhh! You keep that white stuff up there this time you hear me!? ;)

We are finally getting rid of our snow. It is alllllmost gone. I have nothing green poking out in my gardens yet but I am leafing through the gardening catalogs with a ton of excitement.

Happy 1st day of spring!

Karen said...

Oh, you got our snow. Never mind, it was cold but sunny here today, so that is the weather you will probably get next.

(P.S. I've got 20 now.)