Thursday, March 01, 2007

The week thus far...

it's thursday already. The kids have no school tomorrow due to an inservice but we are supposed to have a storm anyway. That said, the week has gone so very fast.

Monday was my running around day, shopping for poppadoms, visiting grandmother who joined the other residents for bowling. Entertaining let me tell you! A stop at the hardware store for supplies for birdfeeder making for the mom's group next monday. Home to enjoy the fabulous weather and plant some seeds. Tuesday was grey and cold, but bookclub was grand. We ate amazing curry, laughed a ton, ate chocolate fondue with fruit until we couldn't move. Wednesday I was feeling rather unwell, enjjoyed a visit from Sal in the afternoon, got jammies on early and hunkered down for the evening.

All of that brings me back to today. I went over to see Susan this morning with Sam in tow. He hung out with a bunch of kids that she cares for, enjoying his time at "preschool". Susan and her friend and I did some card making ... I actually got the fronts of Claire's b-day invites done. Her b-day is in June. We came home for lunch and were surprised with a visit from Catherine and Nate. She is very pregnant, and trhe babe has now flipped"herself" into an unfortunate position. We spent the afternoon trying to come up with methods to turn "her" before she ends up needing a c-section. Supper is ready, just waiting for my family, then I am off to Catherine's with some others for our weekly Grey's gathering.

Tomorrow morning I am off early to get my bro to the airport, glad that the storm is not supposed to hit until afterI get home again. The kids and I will revel in the many cms we are supposed to receive and enjoy the fact that we have a long weekend.


Lori said...

My midwife once told me that if you shine a flashlight "down there" it will guide the baby to the right way. LOL. We opted for other methods;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Enjoy the long weekend.
The chocolate fondue and fruit part of your post has got me craving something sweet.
I've gotta eat me some chocolate... NOW!!

Shelley said...

Tell us how the murder/mystery thang was! Thanks for letting me walk Jake today (he really was good..after the first 10 mins or so - LOL!)

Ciao bella!

Leslie said...

Have you been into card making for very long? I would love to see pics. That is one of my favorite hobiies but haven't done any since Chrismas. I think I may have over done it in December making a bunch to give as gifts.

Anonymous said...

my youngest is off next friday, an early start to her march break. we got the storm, i doubt if there was any snow left for you.
did you try googling to see what you can do naturally to turn that young lady?