Thursday, March 15, 2007

And now it is winding down...maybe

Karen and her kids left this morning, and we are in a strange state. Claire is off to her friends, Daniel and Sam are hanging out together, reading and playing. I am wandering around, reclaiming the house with tears streaming down my face as the quiet deafens me. The beds are made, the dishes done, the laundry in process, the floors scrubbed, the lonliness heavy in my heart.

We had a fabulous few days together. Karen and I sat together alot, talking and knitting up a storm. I made another hat, she a sock for Andrew and a shrug for Audrey's doll. We drank more tea than I thought would be possible. We celebrated excitedly the sprouting of two more daylily plants. We played games with the kids, we went to a movie, and rented a couple as well. We enjoyed the pirate display at the museum. We enjoyed being outside with the kids, although the wind was cool. We laughed late into the night about anything and everything. We watched lots of home movies of the kids when they were younger. We planned our gardens, full of hope for some exciting possibilities.

These are things we used to do daily. Now they happen as special occasions. We long for the "old days". Days when we lived our lives together. Life here is good but something is missing.

So I will spend the rest of this week with my kids when they are here, (they all have various engagments over the next few days) glad for the good times we shared with our friends, glad too for the promise of another visit soon.


Andie said...

OH honey... it is hard being lonely... I know.

Thank goodness you have such a beautiful friendship.

Lori said...

Busy busy busy. It looks like you had a grande ol' time. Winding down time is tough, but something new is always around the next bend....

Jamie Dawn said...

My best friend in the world is in CA, so I know the ache you are feeling, as well as the joy of your visit with her.
I enjoyed all the photos very much!
Your cards are wonderful. I'm sure it was more fun making them with a friend.
It is obvious from the pics that the kids had just as much fun as you and Karen did.

Karen said...

When my parents named me Karen it was supposed to be such an exotic name. And then they moved to Canada and it was one of those "trendy" names that so many women of my generation have. So when I read about "the other Karen" it feels sort of weird. I would love to drink tea and rejoice over daylily sprouts (I've got 13 now). But I guess I can make my own tea and comment on your blog. ;-)