Saturday, March 24, 2007

A glorious spring day with some friends....

An all ages football game in the middle of the street. Claire was the only girl but held her own no problem... Run Sam run...
Sam and Isaiah taking a break from the game to play a more civilized game of cars! Sam is dressed in all dark clothes as he is a "spy".
And last but far from least is the most beautiful sight in the world. A pregnant belly due that very day, glowing in the rays of the warm sun! We can't wait to meet you precious girl!!!
It was a warm, warm day and Catherine and Lori came for tea. We sent the boys out to the back yard mud pit and brought them in for luch covered from head to toe. After we ate, we decided to head out front. It was glorious. Claire even went in for her sandals and a short sleeved blouse. The kids played football and cars, soccer, and cars, skateboarded and rode bikes, and of course played more cars! We moms just enjoyed the warmth on the front porch, calling out every once in a while to tell the kids a car was coming. The afternoon got away from us, and before we knew it, suppertime was upon us. The girls piled their boys into the car and took off for home, my kids played on. By 6:30 Sam was toast so he came in to eat and have a bath. He was asleep in no time. The others came in at 8:00, ate and crashed. A fabulous way to spend an inservice day. The girls and I have decided that we need to do this weekly...and by next week there should be a wee babe for me to love!


Jamie Dawn said...

It truly is satisfying to see kids wear themselves out with a long, enjoyable day of play, and then drop into bed like a sack of potatoes from exhaustion.
Even though my kids are older, I still love to see them enjoy a full day of activity, then sit at the dinner table ready to scarf down whatever it is I've prepared. If it's Taylor, he's usually been out with his buddies doing various things with the youth group, and if it's Courtney she's usually out with her college film club or photography friends shooting videos or photos.
As a matter of face, as I write this, that's what both of them are doing at this moment. :)
We moms LOVE to see our kids have a great time!!

You'll surely have fun holding that newborn when she arrives.

Congrats on the shaving of your legs.
No more ape legs for you!!!

Matt, Christine, Elijah, Joseph & TBA said...

What a great picture of your friend's belly! I am not so brave:). I will hope/pray for a safe delivery of a healthy little girl-and soon too!

I am writing on Sunday morning. A beautiful, sunny day, but not nearly as warm as a couple of days ago. It was amazing weather! Can't wait for more.

Karen said...

Oh wow, what great weather! Sounds like all of you had a lot of fun.

Andie said...

How wonderful a new baby on the way!

Spring has struck my part of the world too. Ah it feels so good!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i agree, i think nothing looks more beautiful than a pregnant woman. hope all went well.
we had so much rain here today, off and off, but when it came down, it really came down. hope it's not headed your way.

Evey said...

Nothing better than a beautiful spring day spent outside. Thanks for sharing that pics.

Jodi said...


Such fun!

Leslie said...

Looks like beautiful weather!

I too love the look of a pregnant belly. I wish I had taken pics of mine, seems like a lifetime ago and I know I'll never get another chance, not that I am complaining or anything :)

Mrs. Fun said...

My daughter was the only girl on the street for a long while and she can hold her own for sure. And its refreshing to see other kids playing in the street enjoying the day. Thats what kids should be doing when it's nice out.
Beautiful belly!!!