Thursday, March 29, 2007

"But it's not like Claire's mom's!!!"

Cinnamon sugar! That's what all the fuss is about! How on earth do I make my cinnamon sugar?!? On Sunday evening I walked with Autumn's mom. Jeanie asked what I did to my cinnamon sugar. I shrugged and said that I mix the two and away I go. Well, the girls were sure that I made my own cinnamon and would hear none of any other opinion...they ate her concoction with their apples but were sure it was not like mine.

Claire takes cinnamon sugar to school to dip her apple slices in. Lauren's mom called today to find out what I did as it would seem her's is also not like mine! I told her that I pour some sugar in a bowl, add the cinnamon ,stir it with a spoon of all things, and there it is. Presto! She thinks I should write a book! We decided that perhaps there is a market for "Claire's mom's cinnamon sugar" amoung school age kids....I'll get right on that.

Both Autum and Claire are heading to Lauren's afterschool today. Carol claims that she will not be serving apples with cinnamon sugar...we then thought that perhaps she should and tell them that she got it from me and see what their response is.



Jodi said...

LOL! It is good to be famous for something. :)

Evey said...

lol. Way to go girl;)

Andie said...

That is great. I have a great dip from Epicure that my kids and everyone elses loves to have here.

I had a mom call me about the crackers I served the kids... lol. Her son thought I made them myself... um nope but you can get them at superstore

Perri said...

How funny. Tell them you mix it with love.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm sure YOURS really is the best!
Kids are so cute.
Alison's Hand-Stirred Cinnamon Sugar is the bestest in the whole wide world!

Evey said...

So being was nothing exciting.

I was in a bad place in my life, I stole a watch, turned out to be an expensive rolex, the people i took it from charged me and thats that. I had probation and community hours. See boring story, not exciting. It was a long time ago. 10 years i think.

Karen said...

That's funny. I read a story once of a mom who served Hamburger Helper beef stroganoff when her kid's friend came to dinner. The kid's mom asked for the recipe, since her kid was raving about it. The mom was too embarrassed to admit to Hamburger Helper, so gave them a real recipe for beef stroganoff. Then the kid freaked out because it wasn't the same as when he had it at his friend's house. The other mom finally admitted she used Hamburger Helper.

The cinnamon sugar is funnier though because there really is no difference.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you had better get a trademark on your cinnamon sugar!
it could be something as simple as the brand of cinnamon, or maybe that secret ingredient you don't want to admit to using?