Monday, July 17, 2006

Cool Down!

What does one do to cool off when it is 25 degrees by 8:30 in the morning? Get oneself thrown into the neighbors pool with all of your clothes on that's what! It helped and Sam soon followed. The kids were then content running around with sopping clothes eating freezies etc. I tried to garden but it was just too hot. Hud arrived home around lunch and I stuck around for a few minutes then I left to visit with Gram. I ended up staying with her until 7:30 enjoying some wine and supper. It was a treat to spend time with her alone, and her property is on a lake so we had a wonderful breeze. I left her to get some much needed groceries and when I got home, the tent was set up and we all piled in and were soon snoring away.

Daniel has been enjoying his time in the valley and they will all get here in time for supper tonight. Karen and her kids will stay for a couple of days, and then we get the boys ready for their week at camp. It seems as though summer is slipping by so fast and there is so much fun yet to be had...... Posted by Picasa


Tee said...

That sounds like a fun day! I remember running around, playing in the pool and eating Freezies as a kid :) That's the best :)

Jamie Dawn said...

When it's hot, a kid just needs a quick way to cool down. The water looks refreshing.

It has been mighty hot here too!!!!!
Pass me a Freezie, please!