Friday, July 14, 2006


Summer is in full swing, hot, muggy, sticky kids,etc. We are passing out freezies like there is no tomorrow.

We have had two kids from New Brunswick with us for the week, although they were only here for breakfast and bedtime. They had our bed and Hud slept in with Daniel and Sam and I had the couch in the family room.

Emily and her family came yesturday and we spent the afternoon making egg-rolls. It was rainy so we knew we would not have to be chasing kids around outside, so we figured it was the perfect day. We then had a fabulous supper together. Hud is still "away" so I was glad to have adult company. He is away overnight tonight, and returns tomorrow afternoon. The kids will be glad to have him back and I will be glad that things will get back to normal. Daniel went back to the valley with Emily last night and will return on Monday with Karen when she comes down for a few days with her crew. So for tonight I will sit quietly by myself, perhaps spend a few minutes with the neighbor on the front porch, but generally just enjoy the peace and quiet that night time brings. I will also revel in the comfort of my own bed.

The garden is ever changing and keeps me busy with weeds control and bug removal. I am in the midst of planning a path to the back yard and am getting excited about the possibilities... never ending fun.

Off to freezie the melting children......


Perri said...

I was talking about making egg rolls last week - now I will have to for sure since you mentioned it.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ahhhh, summer evenings are the best.
Enjoy them while they last.
I agree that there's no bed like your own bed.
It's the same way with toilets. :)

Bumbling Bav said...

Oh yum... I love egg rolls! Now you have given me a craving! GGRRR.

Enjoy your days Alison... just wanted to let you know you are one great girl. Just felt the need to type that.