Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

Perfect weather, great race, great chat with my brother, great world cup results for Portugal, all in all a great day! Daniel had a race this morning and ran with his friend Aaron. Aaron came in sixth and Daniel close behind in ninth. The boys then went swimming with the girls, I watched the game between Portugal and England unfold online(we don't have cable), and Sam went swimming with Hud next door. When Claire got home she joined them, and we all just relaxed. After supper half the neighborhood ended up in our yard, played tug of war and of course my boys ended up on the losing end. Sam was thrown in the tub and then in bed, Daniel is now gone again, and Claire and I are heading next door for a bon-fire. The perfect end to a perfect day. Happy Birthday Canada!!!

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Anonymous said...

gah, did i read that right, no cable???
happy canada day (belated) looks like you had a great red and white race!

n1leao said...

I hope You are cheering for Portugal?

Tee said...

Happy Canada Day :)

Busy, busy, huh? Cute kids! :)